Friday, May 25, 2012

It was the butler in the pantry...

...with the scanner and an i pad.

I pray that in some way Cardinal Vigano feels that his courageous contributions bore some fruit in the firing of the Vatican bank president.

I am not, however, particularly edified with this remark:

In response to the leaks, Pope Benedict appointed Spanish Cardinal Julian Herranz to head a commission of three cardinals to investigate their source.

Thursday night, Herranz told the Catholic News Agency the leaks were "confusing souls and also giving the Church and the Holy See a completely unfair image."

No. Actually. What is 'confusing souls' is that ten years of thousands of faithful Catholics sending letters documenting corruption and asking them to do something about it is an exercise in futility.

If they are trying to project an image that the Holy See takes action on corruption that doesn't rise to the level of whistleblowing in the public square, litigation and bad press, decades worth of good faith attempts bear little evidence. I am sorry to say.

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