Saturday, May 12, 2012

Latest on SSPX


Please keep this on your prayer list.

I would suspect A handful of SSPX priests will check out, should they assent to the fact that there is and always has been One, Holy, Catholic Apostolic Church and all of Its teachings are to be assented to, as they are bound by the proclamation of validity through the Chair of Peter.

Whether we are a schmoe who does not wish to assent to the teachings of contraception, to the limitations of the gift of human sexuality or the misappropriated authority, misunderstandings and liturgical shenanigans of the pot smoking woodstock generation using Vatican II as their license, there is no other source on earth of proclaiming validity but the Chair of Peter.

I'll tell you something about SSPX, I have a boatload more respect for their honesty than those in the Latin Rite community abusing the word 'modernists' to imply the Novus Ordo or the current Catechism is invalid. There would be a lot more of us joining Latin Rite communities if they blew out the stink of despair that compels them to believe they - and not Christ's Church headed by the Pope - they are the source of validity and truth. It's as bad, if not worse, than the wear-the-pants nuns or the sissies in the Chancery who have turned the mission of salvation into pick pocketing the wallets of uncatechized in the pews.

We sure have made a mess. The world is spinning out of control from the madness.

Christe Eleison.


Anonymous said...

Your description of those in the Latin Rite community does not match that of the ones with which I am familiar.

Carol said...

I'm glad to hear that. Though we do come across this phenomenon, I was definitely not trying to caricature Latin Rite Communities.It was worth mentioning...