Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Friends at BCI Take a (Painful) Look at the NeoCats

This is brutal.

Can you imagine the Apostles whipping out the banjos and creating a distraction with hoopla during Christ's Passion and Execution by Crucifixion?

Do they know what's happening there? Is it not enough for them? Christ's death and Resurrection so boring to them they must break out one hundred guitars, tambourines and sing like the banshees?

I am not a prude nor a stick in the mud. I can tolerate and even enjoy respectful worship and praise during a Liturgy.

This isn't even close to respectful treatment of the intimate moments at Gethsemene and Golgotha.

They have run amok.

Why can't they let Christ be the central focus of the Holy Sacrifice?

God help us.

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