Monday, June 4, 2012

Holy Water

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Anonymous said...

In my old parish, the also old, pants-wearing,female sacristan used to replenish the holy water receptacles with.....Tap Water!

The former pastor had gotten rid of the holy water can, and when someone asked him for holy water, he would run some from the faucet, make the sign of the cross over it, and hand it over.

Once or twice I added holy water that had been blessed with the traditional Latin blessing to the receptacles containing the tap water. It was a daring, dangerous undertaking because the sacristan, although hard of hearing, had an eagle-eye. Her glaring eyes would follow me around because she new I was an evil 'trad' up to no know...the kind that leaves Catholic pamphlets around and scandalizes everyone by kneeling, receiving on the tongue and wearing a veil.

Now, our family attends exclusively, the TLM. Satan hates the holy water there!

Kankakee TLM