Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bill Tammeus at The National Katholyc Reporter thinks the Church is about to croak

I've read a lot of poopycock, especially at NCR, but this takes first place blue ribbon.

I bet you didn't know Christ has a self-inflicted character flaw. He is not keeping up with evolving society. God is scared to deal with the people He claims to serve. There's no room for unquestioning obedience His censorship of their trouser monsters in a true community. Nosiree. Christ's Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity is a frog in a boiling pot of water.

Wanna know why?

Christ is extinguishing the liberating spirit of the moonbats that hijacked Vatican II and manning - male reference intended - the barricades against the clapping fornicators.

Here's my favorite paragraph from this weasel:

The church has great truths and traditions to defend, for sure, but I'm guessing it's on the verge of forfeiting any opportunity it might still have to provide a safe and welcoming place to people who cannot abide the church's mortifying history of defending superstitions against what science and their own experience tell them.

In case you can't crack the code, he explains:

Once it was that Galileo was a heretic for proposing that the earth revolves around the sun. Now it is that men and women born with homosexual orientations are "objectively disordered."

As a woman who was born with an obsessive orientation to good frosting and chocolate, I'm starting to wonder if there's something passive/aggressive about the omission of invitations to gluttons at our local parish. Do you think it could be we're not welcome? I'd like a safe and welcoming place to wear a colorful flag of a seven-layer cake and have a liturgical celebration celebrating cellulite.

Tammeus ends by articulating The Catholic Church is a wingnut snakehandler losing their ability to dominate and provide inflexible answers that don't yield to simpletons...oops, simplicities.

Bill Tammeus Epistle to his triumphant penis. Amen.

The use of the word Catholic on an apostolate is granted by the local Bishops for this rubbish. I used to get flustered by the gutless Episcopal cowardice who feed their flock this nonsense. But at the end of the day, it all comes down to Christ's maxim: God does not give what is holy to the dogs. That maxim haunted me when I was rebelling against the Church's teachings on contraception. One day, there was enough sanctifying grace to realize I was being deprived by God. I was the swine to whom He would not cast his pearls.

You knock yourself out Willie. Take Chittister and the whole stinking crew with you. You are your own worst enemy.

On the Feast of St. Benedict, the only thing I can add is Vade retro Satana. Nunquam suade mihi vana. Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas.

Thou art Peter and upon this rock I shall build my Church. The gates of hell shall not prevail against Her.


Anonymous said...

NCRep has not had ecclesiastical permission to use "Catholic" in its title or description since 1968 when the then bishop of Oklahoma City, who had granted the permission, removed it.

As the Wikipedia article on the NCRep says:

In 1968, NCR's ordinary, Bishop Charles Herman Helmsing "issue[d] a public reprimand for their policy of crusading against the Church's teachings," condemning its "poisonous character" and "disregard and denial of the most sacred values of our Catholic faith." Helmsing warned that NCR's writers were likely guilty of heresy, had likely incurred latae sententiae excommunications, and because the publication "does not reflect the teaching of the Church, but on the contrary, has openly and deliberately opposed this teaching," he "ask[ed] the editors in all honesty to drop the term 'Catholic' from their masthead," because "[b]y retaining it they deceive their Catholic readers and do a great disservice to ecumenism by being responsible for the false irenicism of watering down Catholic teachings."

NCR refused to comply with its ordinary, and 66 Catholic journalists signed a statement disagreeing with the condemnation based on its "underlying definition of the legitimate boundaries of religious journalism in service to the church."

TTC said...

Wow. I never knew that!



Anonymous said...

Wow - astounding indeed.

Yet, wonder if the NCEnquirer folks had a problem with Michael Voris and the former RealCatholicTV folks using the word "Catholic"?

Do you think for a second they would defend the RCTV group's "right" to use that word based on its "underlying definition of the legitimate boundaries of religious journalism in service to the church" - even after the local ordinary said they could not use the word Catholic in the title for their organization?

If you believe that then I have oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you.

But hey, whatever the situation with the RCTV group - they *changed* the name of their organization to ChurchMilitantTV! (willfully or not, I have no idea)

Good for them.

Catechist Kevin

TTC said...

Kev, it was voluntary. I urged them, for the sake of Christendom, to go through the exercise of fighting the good fight but I don't think it was ever on the table.

I am amazed to hear the history of canonical censure and excommunication from the good shepherd.

These are the days that will separate the men from the sissies.

TTC said...

St. Cindeus, pray for us.

TTC said...

For the sake of clarity, Voris and his team have heroic virtues and their discernment to surrender came from their devotion to the Canons of Christ's Church. I trust and respect their judgment.

StevenD-Jasper said...

You should some of the comments under that post, wow. 'If only we became protestant, everything would be fine', talk about a bunch of Nancy Pelosi's.. they are like defiant little children.


They know their type is dying off and true Catholics are taking the reign.

TTC said...

Yep. Those three days in Woodstock are getting as distant as their virginity. Gone and it isn't coming back. LOL.

Thanks for circling us back to the comments. I would not have wanted to miss those!

Dumb and dumber.

This was my favorite:

"I think, S.J., that you are hung up on the old Judaic concept of 'church' which is the very cultural and theological idea that Jesus came to overthrow. With his antagonism toward bureaucracy and established religion, Jesus was declaring a Spirit-led relationship with Divinity as opposed to the ritualistic, dogmatic, legalistic style of institutional religions. That is why, of course, "Baptism" and "Eucharist" do not require an establishment to declare someone "ordained''. What the establishment [RCC] calls 'sacraments' are actually given to all believers by virtue of their belief and are given to all. Jesus was perfectly clear that he was talking about a relationship with the Divine that did NOT include ranks or divisions of power. All are one. Spirit-led, not institutional ranking of powers and benefits!"

They are completely ignorant that Christ spent 40 days after the Resurrection setting up His Church with the Apostles.

Anonymous said...

"What the establishment [RCC] calls 'sacraments' are actually given to all believers by virtue of their belief and are given to all. Jesus was perfectly clear that he was talking about a relationship with the Divine that did NOT include ranks or divisions of power. All are one. Spirit-led, not institutional ranking of powers and benefits!"

What are we being told?

That for 1960 years (apprx - say, to the close of Vatican II) what the Church believed, taught and practiced was a myth!

Suddenly - like Martin Luther and his Revolters - the Holy Spirit came with *new* Revelation and gave it to "progressive" (i.e. dissenting) types who now tell us the *real* story of how Christianity is supposed to be lived and experienced!

Thank God!

I feel so liberated now. That mean ol' institutional Church. They just get it all wrong most of the time (as did Mother Theresa, Abp. Sheen, JPII, St. Pio, and all of the other dupes).

Forget all of those documents coming from Rome. The Catechism? Hogwash. Humanae Vitae? Unenlightened. Veritatis Splendor? A product of the heresy of Jansenism.

Yes sir! From now on I am going to follow the Magisterium according to the NCReporter, U.S. Catholic and Commonweal.

They are the real "bishops" who should be leading the Lord's flock.

After all, the Saints, the Pope, the Cardinals and the Curia are all a bunch of jokers compared to the above.


Catechist Kevin

TTC said...

You had me going there for a minute!

If ever there was evidence that the seven deadly sins are lethal to your intellect, that thread is it.

A tragedy.