Friday, July 27, 2012

Gay Marriage Proponents Murder Chick Fil-A Spokesperson

Operation Clockwork Orange.

The cruelty in this country against those who decline to accept gay marriage as acceptable is unspeakable. Like polygamy, jerks who cheat on their wives or any other promiscuity outside of marriage, masturbation, prostitution, gay marriage will never be acceptable to those who surrender their own will and desires to God's providence.

Even the rise of despicable vigilante movements, denying us the rights to earn living wages, arrestin, killing will not make a dimes worth of difference.

Any sexual act that is carried out between two people of the same sex has never in the past, is not in the present and never will be in the future anything but a violation of the God-given gift of human sexualiity.

Thanks though for the lessons in your real diversity policies.

I weep for what this country has been turned into.

Those of you who are blessed enough to read the Magnificat, read about Blessed eore Swallowel yeesterday. He was a protestant minister, who converted when debated with a man imprisoned for his Catholic faith. During the debates, he found himself losin and recognized the fallacy of his own beliefs. Not long afterwards, he mounted the pulpit of his church to announce that he had been in error in professing the protestant reliion and would no longer do services there. He was arrested and tried along with two Catholic priests in 1594. Tortured, he areed to recant and conform to the protestant religion. A Father Boste, who was tortured along with him asked "George Swallowell, what have you done!" Immediately he repented of his lapse and repudiated his words. He was drawn and quartered with merciless brutality on July 26, 1594.

The Chic fil A spokesperson was also drawn and quartered. May the angels and saints and martyrs come to greet this poor man and console his family and friends.

Over the past few weeks, I just can't get Titus out of my mind, particularly chapter 3. Stuck on the bloody isle of Crete with the liars, viscious beasts and lazy gluttons.

Once, self-condemned themselves, it takes one to know one.

Grace be with all of you.


StevenD-Jasper said...

"Thanks though for the lessons in your real diversity policies."

That Menino is a disgrace. I can't stand the arrogant marxist tyrant.

"I weep for what this country has been turned into."

It's gone. I really think this country should break up. Let the liberals and their filth run their own country into the ground.

TTC said...

What a disgusting turn of events.

Menino and the other thugs of intolerance are now going to prevent people who follow the edits of God from owning or operating a business?

They are going to whip up a frenzy to destroy or kill us?

People can knock themselves out hoodwinking homosexuals into acts that will prevent them from gaining entry into Paradise. Some of us are not going to join that crusade. Come what may.

Quite literally and frankly, I would sue Menino and the rest of the thugs of intolerance.

Unbleeping believable.

It really is.