Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maria Shriver Eyeballs Psychic Stones

An employee at the supernatural establishment tells us, Maria wanted info on 4 or 5 energy crystals, including amethyst and cactus quartz.

Amethyst is supposedly used for calming, and cactus quartz for communication. Both stones bring positive energy into your life -- ALLEGEDLY.

Maria also jawboned with the psychic in a back room, where the two discussed personal "life stuff."

I'm fascinated when I see Catholics who appear ignorant of the properties that exist in the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ.

I'm actually blown away by it.

I'll be the first to admit that the substance of my communications need polishing, I'm in need of serenity or some zipideedooda, but I am at least conscience of where the supplies to replenish my animus exist. I am more conscience of the supply and my need to replenish as I am food and water.

And truly, when we live this way, the supply stays within earshot to guide us from saying or doing foolish things. The supply, quite literally, speaks to us. Warns. Shouts when we are are too wound up in our infirmities to hear the gentle guidance.

How does a Catholic ever get to a point where they would even cross the threshold of store that warehouses a psychic and widgets that emanate spiritual power without asking themselves who the author of that power is...and run like hell?

When someone sets up a store to sell pebbles that claim to be animated with powers, are people so gullible they don't even ask how the pebbles work?

Even if one were invincibly ignorant about the two sources of such power, angelic and demonic, wouldn't one at least even try to figure out if the gypsies were scamming you?


Even in my worst days of rebellion, I retained enough instincts for self-preservation not to buy magical rocks.

I'm astounded when Catholics are ignorant of where demons congregate and how they operate. How do you get to the point in your life where the people around you would let you swim in the dung?

If a picture ever posted of me coming out of one of these stores, my phone would start ringing. I'd have emails from friends, fellow practicing Catholics, priests. They would be reminding me of the spiritual dangers inherent. There would be less commotion in my life if I were eyeballing crack pipes!

I don't understand how a practicing Catholic, especially a public personality like Shriver, could find herself giddy over magical rocks and gypsies.

Earlier this week, two demoniacs approached Christ as he was moseying down to Gadarenes. The Scriptures tell us they were so savage that nobody could even travel by the road. Christ dispensed with them, but 99.9% of the time, we are unaware of their presence and treachery. If we are living our lives for the sole purpose of maintaining a state of grace and we have our own behavior under the microscope, we eventually feel the presence of their animus and we drive it out with the Sacraments.

Let me tell you something with 100% certainty: Any locus selling or featuring magical stones or clairvoyant persons who claim to see the future or past or the dead, the demons are congregating and looking for a sucker.

Accordingly, stay away from these places.

I make the sign of the cross as I pass them. Prayerfully denounce the power of demons and pray for the souls who are imprisoned by them, the suckers whom they will attract, tempt, play with and torment. And while I'm at it, I pray for priests and Bishops who watch them and do and say nothing.


Maria said...

Maria Shriver: Why I'm a 'Cafeteria Catholic'
'Good standing' Catholic opposes church positions on gays, divorce and choice

"California First Lady Maria Shriver likes the "compassion and justice of Jesus Christ" advanced by her Catholic religion, but can't abide the church's positions on gays, divorce and a woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion, she reveals in a Washington Post interview. "I'm a cafeteria Catholic," she declares, referring to her habit of following only Catholic teachings she believes in.

"I consider myself a Catholic in good standing," she added, even though "I don't spend a lot of time squaring my own daily life with the institutional church."

She was a year ahead of me at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, MD. She graduated from, OH-- GUESS WHERE? GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY! Like many, many people who espouse such hereticcal views, she was formed by the Jebbies and the now completely deranged Sacred Heart nuns. The Jesuits will one day discover that there is no room for negotiation in Hell. There will be Hell to pay ;)

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

And she had such a good mother. Well, with the rest of the Kennedy clan to scandalize her, what else could one expect?

TTC said...

Maria, I never read that before.


What on earth do people mean when they carry on about 'the institutional church'?

Are they veiling their contempt for the Catechism and Its Repository? The Mystical Body Christ left behind with a Head to guide us to our salvation and the nourishment for our soul?

She can consider herself a Catholic in 'good standing' or the Queen of England but she is some day in for a rude awakening.

Mary Ann, I feel really sorry for the family. They are good people who have been hoodwinked for decades by weak priests and bishops who go gaga for celebrities. It is maddening! Its like watching a pediatric nurse feed newborns arsenic.

The reality is, I know that God doesn't let this happen in our lives without ambitious intervention by his missionaries. All along the way we're given the opportunity to know what is happening to us. We are beckoned. Continuously. We can choose to dig our heels in further and pass out the kookaid to all our relatives and friends. Still it's sad!

StevenD-Jasper said...

My wife warned me about these places a while back.

"I don't spend a lot of time squaring my own daily life with the institutional church."

Cool. Your Hollywood/MSM friends will like you for that.

Her mother Eunice was a very good lady, pro-life too.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Maria, did you go to Stoneridge School of the Sacred Heart - at Cedar and Wisconsin? We picketed two of their commencements in a row for having pro-abort commencement speakers, one of them being Maria Shriver's cousin, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, also an alumnus of Stoneridge. And of course we picketed Georgetown a few months ago for allowing Kathleen Sebelius to foul their commencement address.