Saturday, July 7, 2012


I know many solid Catholics and priests who are convinced that Our Blessed Mother is appearing in Medjugore. The Holy See has not made a determination and so we are free to do so.

I admit to being very curious when I first heard about it but I became skeptical early when when of the visionaries lives (or lived) in the North End of Boston claimed Our Lady rearranged her appearance when a time conflict arose in a local parish. The traveling circus shows like this one deepen my convictions but are certainly not the only reason I am a skeptic.

It feels like the Holy See has been dragging its feet but whatever their judgment, I trust the decision will come in God's time.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of the Vatican ever approving any apparition until it had ended. Will be very interesting to see what the Vatican says but I doubt very much it will be approved any time soon..if it is and the 10 Secrets are bogus then what ? Time will tell......

TTC said...

They don't approve until after its ended, to the best of my knowledge. They do put the kibosh on before they end. My sources (which I would describe as reliable) could be wrong, but what I hear predicts the a hammer coming down. Sources say they keep delaying the announcement for this reason or that but it is a matter of time.

We shall see!

Anonymous said...

30 years now the "apparitions" have been going - no end in sight. Since when does heaven keep telling us such banal talk for so long without getting to the point! It's laughable that catholics fall for this stuff. It's hooked catholics with 10 secrets and these "seers" live lives as if they didn't really see something from heaven. Unimaginable!

TTC said...

The conduct of the purported recipients of daily messages is definitely on my list of reasons - which actually goes on ad infinatum - I remain a skeptic.

Would the Blessed Mother string us all along for 30 years without getting to the point?

That would be inconsistent with anything she has ever done before.

I did my diligence years ago. Gave them every benefit of the doubt. The contradictions of her nature were just too much for me to hang onto my naivete.

Remind me, did they tell the Holy See?

Anonymous said...

Imagine stumbling upon this cult to find out there are 40,000+ messages to read? Where does one begin? I can see this thing turning ugly leading a great amount of the faithful astray bigtime.

breathnach said...

I've watched relatives in Ireland become absorbed in the "signs" and the "seers" over the years. I burnt a few bridges by quoting Matthew 12; 39, "an evil and adulterous generation seeketh a sign and a sign will not be given it..."

The initial and continuing reaction of the local bishop is negative. The scandals and disobedience of the local Fransiscans (who mentor the seers) as well as the bizarre behavior of the seers, convinced me early on , that seeking after signs is putting God tó the test. Also the bloody civil war that decimated Yugoslavia, did not inspire confidence.

There are thousands who have been denied thé traditional devotions of the Church that seek after these signs. They have been betrayed by the corrupted hierarchy and the theological nihilists who have hollowed out so much of the life of the Church.

TTC said...

There's a doozy in Ireland. A woman. You know the one I mean?

breathnach said...

Yes Carol I think I do. Is this the woman known as "Anne", called a locutionist? She receives messages from upstairs. She has duped some prominent Catholics over here as well. The scandals of the Irish Church and the total war being waged by the secularists have left a lot of wounded lambs, who are looking for easy answers in the all the wrong places.

It looks like they have finally caught on to the blarney of this Anne charlatan:

breathnach said...

Additional info on your favorite doozy. She's actually an American from Chicago, home of innumerable doozies, political and otherwise.

Anne went from being a marriage abuse counselor to Anne the mystic, after a visit to Medjugorge. It seems her counseling was not exactly inspired by her Catholicism.

She has all the skills that would make her a very valuable asset for the Obuma campaign....

TTC said...

That's the one. I read an email she sent to somebody that was positively vulgar.

I'm soooooooo glad she published theological errors and her gig is falling apart.

Anonymous said...


Diane at Te Deum laudamus has a really interesting post on unapproved apparitions and their followers.

Thought I would share it with you:

You ought to put her on your blog roll. She has *really* interesting stuff.

Catechist Kevin

TTC said...

Wow. Very, very interesting indeed. Thanks for the link.

When I first started to question Medjugorge, the reactions of devotees was so accusatory, completely inconsistent with five years (at the time) of public blogging that was 100% faithful to the Magisterium, and furthermore, a consistent public witness to my own love and devotion to the Blessed Mother, the unmistakable stink of the devil contributed my own convictions.

There is definitely conversions and vocations that can be traced back to the locus. However, if one gets on a plane to Bosnia, one already has an objective of discernment. Moreover, one can't help but be in the presence of so many Catholics who are devoted enough about their faith to hop on a plane to a poverty-stricken war zone and not reap the spiritual harvest.

It is my observation that the damage and divisions and hostility and shenanigans of these individuals, outweighs the benefits. But, for some reason, Christ, who has impeccable judgment, did not select me to be the Pope and I entrust the matter to Him and His Vicar.

Anne said...

Its important that we don't rely too much on private revelations. I know of many people who have been to Medjugorje and I have been there myself three times but have no desire to go again. Unfortunately there are people who will drive Medjugorje down your throat and that is a major turn off. In Ireland many thousands of people have gone and some people get too taken up with it. I also know of people who did not have good experiences there and it affected their lives in a negative way. It is important as Catholics to remember that we have the greatest treasure of all right there in our Parish Church and that is the presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Too often Jesus is left alone in our Churches. People who go to apparition sites often seek something tangible, something they can feel. But our faith is not based on feelings and it is dangerous to depend on feelings or 'experiences' to believe in God.