Monday, July 2, 2012

The Switcheroo at the CDF

We could have done a lot worse. Our brothers and sisters in the Latin Rite Community are not very all. but Fr. Z is not ready to burn the town down just yet. I realize this and three dollars will buy you a latte at Mickey D's but I was never as optimistic as Fellay.

Everyone's panties are in a twist at the Reporter.

Here's a little tidbit from a recent sermon of Bishop Muller's:

"We should not allow any room for anti-Roman blabber and these stupidities ... Any activities directed against the truth of the Faith and the unity of the Church will not be tolerated"

A mighty good kick-off. How long should we wait before we indoctrinate him with the paper trails? What do you say we sign him up for the National Catholic Reporter and America Magazine? Let him chew on those for a couple of months before we fill up his office with the sissyfestos?



Kelly said...

I won't pretend to have a grasp of the situation, but everything I read about it yesterday was at one end of the spectrum about Muller or the other. He was either ultra orthodox or being quoted on things that made him sound liberal, added to his friendship with the Peruvian liberation theologian Gustavo Guttierez.
I don't have ANY idea about the man, other than the Holy Father chose him. And though that may seem overly simple to some, that is enough for me. I trust him and believe he knows what he is doing.

TTC said...

Kelly, I think I'm with ya on this one. It isn't very often when you'll read this on this blog, but I'm going to reserve judgment and see how it pans out!