Thursday, August 30, 2012

Akin's Crucible

I was pleased as punch to read that Akin has taken the lead again.

The most sensible thing I read during all the silly commotion over what Akin said was posted by Mike Huckabee on Facebook - "Who ordered the Code Red on Akin?"

Frankly, after seeing a clip from Karl Rove, I wondered if it was him. Guess we'll never know.

Here's what Akin was articulating:

It has always been accepted, well known and widely accepted biological fact in obstetrics that a woman's stress and anxiety is a contributing factor in fertility problems. It doesn't cause infertility but it does contribute. Women with fertility problems who are experiencing stress and anxiety are advised, counseled and treated. Consequently, the anxiety and stress of rape reduces the risk of pregnancy.

In the debate about abortion, abortion advocates use rape as a straw man. Rape is a terrible crime. If the rapist kills the woman after he rapes her, that is a separate and more serious crime. Just like killing a child conceived during that crime is a separate crime.

It is not politically correct but it is the truth.


susan said...

I'm with you 100% on this one...Carl Rove is a nasty piece of work. He would rather torpedo a Conservative (and he's done it plenty in the past) and let a rabid Dem have the seat. He is the textbook definition of "RINO"...a truly nasty piece of work.

Percy said...

Unless it works 100% - which we know is not the case - then the political problem remains and the darts against Akin will hit their target. So in the end, as a political (not moral) matter, this is irrelevant.

TTC said...

Susan - It looks like it might well have been Rove.

Supposedly, making a mistake saying something about rape was unforgivable in the GOP. Then Karl Rove spoke to a group of wealthy donors in Tampa and not realizing a reporter was in the room, said, “We have to sink Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts.” His comments were made public, and he called Todd Akin to apologize. Despite the treatment given to him, Todd Akin accepted the apology and expressed his forgiveness to Karl.

If making a foolish remark about rape is bad, then making a joke about a United States Congressman being murdered is as bad or worse since Akin didn’t wish anyone to be raped, just spoke awkwardly and incorrectly about the likelihood of pregnancy in the event of a rape. In light of the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the remark was disturbing.

end quote

What an ass.