Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cardinal Dolan and Helen Gurley Brown

I've been home sick for a few weeks (shingles-ugh)and from time to time, turning on the home network. You'd think that would be a safe haven but alas, every ten minutes Barack Hussein runs a commercial with floozies taling about the terror they are experiencing in a country that makes them pay for their own contraception.

Bleached blondes wearing make up from Walmart. They look and sound ridiculous.

The democrats believe the nature of women to be such uncontrollable whores that the country needs to all pitch in to pay $10/month for their contraception for them.

What's next in the democrat's respect for women campaign?

Female circumcision?

If the Republicans were savvy, they would round senior citizens who can't afford their heart meds, cancer patients who can't afford treatments and meds, patients who need an organ transplant and can't afford it and put together commercials taking women, who want us to subsidize their sex with men using their body parts as a repository for sperm to the shed.

Even immoral and amoral people in this country can sink their teeth into that cannard.

How did women get so stupid?

Helen Gurly Brown?

I was disturbed by this story linked in Dawn's article at the Register.

It is supposed to be a cutesy article about Cardinal Dolan dancing with Brown on the steps of a Catholic school after a sizeable donation from Brown.

Ms. Brown was leaning on a cane and being supported by an aide when Archbishop Dolan pulled up in his car. As Kevin Meenan, the school’s fund-raising director, recalled on Tuesday, Archbishop Dolan had never been to the school, and he walked slowly toward the building to take in its elegant brick-and-stone facade.

Ms. Brown tried to walk forward to greet him, but she started tottering. Archbishop Dolan spotted her and jogged up the steps to help. Meanwhile, the school’s marching band burst into the Cardinal Hayes marching song, inspiring the archbishop to take Ms. Brown in his arms and twirl her around.

The dancing lasted only for a minute or so, Mr. Meenan said, but he will not soon forget the image of the bearlike archbishop squiring Ms. Brown. He wore his black bishop’s garment and a pink cap; she wore a drop-waist dress, black fur and lace-topped stockings.

“Everybody’s clapping, everybody’s amazed,” he said...

But in other respects, Cardinal Hayes was an odd choice for the woman who spent years teaching women to enjoy sex — premarital, marital and extramarital — and embrace Catholic taboos like birth control. Though her family was Protestant, she was not religious as an adult, Ms. Scanlon said.

“She didn’t have much use, actually, for organized religion,” Ms. Scanlon said. In fact, when Ms. Brown was marketing “Sex and the Single Girl,” her best-selling 1962 book, she tried to bring it to the Catholic Church’s attention in the hopes that church leaders would decide to censor it. (She thought it would be good for sales; they ignored her attempt.)

Almost a half-century later, however, she was pledging $1 million to a bastion of Catholic education — and dancing in the archbishop’s arms.

Isn't that precious.

You know what hit me with this article? The Scriptural reading about it being easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man getting into Heaven.

I never thought about this before, but the obstacle is actually the bishops and priests. People with power and money have little chance of being shepherded to their redemption by a bishop/priest because the object becomes getting money out of them.

Do a jig and a photo op, get the money and run like the wind back to the chancery/rectory to cash the checks.

Rather than lead his priests with the witness on how to be a physician of souls, he's he best gall dang jig and a photo op fundraiser in the Episcopal Conference.

In a lot of ways, I suppose that's what we've all become, those of us left sitting in the pews. They withold the tools of salvation because they are offensive to people who reject them.

Helen Gurley Brown's Culture of Use pales in comparison to the presbyteral and episcopal Culture of Use.

Quite the cacophony to people who can see what is happening spiritually.


Percy said...


TTC said...

I saw that Percy. LOL.

Got your dancing shoes?

Percy said...

Personally, I'd strongly prefer Catholic prelates and clergy to stay out of the political conventions entirely. It's no longer a demonstration of the strength of the church (which was always a mixed thing, anyway) but more as supplication now.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

The more I hear of this clown cleric, the more I hope he will be sent to a isolated monastery in the far northwest!

TTC said...

Percy, in this particular set of circumstances, it's worse. It seems he sees himself as the third coming of Christ. The last one was crucified because He wasn't civil and charitable enough.

Maybe he is the third coming of the Christ and they won't persecute, kill and imprison us after all.

What do you think? Is Dolan the Dude?

StevenD-Jasper said...

Uh..Dawn Eden.. Can't the Register do any better? butt kissers like Shea and Eden... yuck, I've had enough of them!