Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cardinal Dolan GOP Convention Benediction

Have you been keeping up with the latest 2012 POTUS election fracas?

Catholics are all that.

“We’re going to have outreach to Catholics in a coordinated, organized effort — state by state, diocese by diocese, parish by parish and pew by pew,” Mr. Flaherty said in an interview.

Evidently Cardinal Dolan volunteered to do benediction for both the RNC and DCN. So far, only the RNC has taken him up on it.

Flaherty tells us Romney and Cardinal O'Malley are tight.

Why...Romney even traveled to Rome with the Archbishop..practically held his crozier as the Pope put the red hat on his head.

Very interesting.

The luminaries at the DNC must be foaming at the mouth. They thought they put 'the Catholic Vote' out of its power. After four years of trickle-up-poverty "Yes We Can" and "The Changes We Can Believe In" are a dud. Here they are standing face-to-face with a resurrection of that which they were sure they slayed.

What do you think they'll do?

They thought they were save and have already launched a full-fledged persecution against Catholics.

The Bishops and practicing Catholics are suing Obama. The nuts on the bus, oops, I mean nuns on the bus under an edict from Rome to reverse their apostacies or face extinction. They are gorging themselves in swanky hotels, saluting a woman who thinks a race of people are going to hop out of our i-pads on December 21.
Even the waitresses at the hotel turned the lights off to avoid looking at them. One former DNC head of the 'Catholic Vote a convicted sex offender/felon/jailbird for recruiting homeless crack addicts and teenagers for his Columbus Ohio whorehouse. His replacement hustled out of Malta for making an ass of himself.

The are up the creek without a paddle.

This was funny:

The invitation to Cardinal Dolan circumvented church protocol, said the cardinal’s spokesman, Joseph Zwilling. Usually, the local bishop gives the prayer at the convention. So when the Romney campaign asked Cardinal Dolan to deliver the benediction, the cardinal first checked with Bishop Robert Lynch of St. Petersburg, Fla., who gave his approval, Mr. Zwilling said.

Bishop Lynch was busy. Had to paint his toenails, catch up on laundry.

Cardinal Dolan accepted but said that he would be giving only a prayer, not an endorsement, Mr. Zwilling said. The cardinal also said that he had informed the Democratic Party that he would accept a similar invitation from it. A spokesman for the Obama campaign said that it had not offered one but suggested that it was close to announcing its religious lineup.

The co-chairmen of Catholics for Obama are scholars, prominent laypeople like Victoria Reggie Kennedy, the widow of Senator Ted Kennedy, and politicians like Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland, Representative Tim Ryan of Ohio and Senator Richard J. Durbin of Illinois.

A doozy of a lineup ought to come out of that think tank.

Anybody know anything about the local bishop? His credentials would lead one to suspect he's a Roman.

What do you think? Shall we guess?

Here are my top three predictions on religious benediction at the Dems Conference.

3. Sandra Fluke will stand on the stage and throw out condoms with crosses on them.

2. Steve Krueger and Patrick Whelan will douse the Barack and Joe with holy water.

1. They will all parade in behind a picture of Cardinal O'Malley between Jack Connors and the Kennedy widows.

If they hurry, Barbara Hubbard might be available.


Kelly said...

I am kind of confused about Cardinal Dolan right now. First the dinner thing and now this.
I mean I am glad he will be at the RNC, if nothing else to perhaps get the attention of any remaining Catholics still under the spell from 2008.
But Romney and O'Malley? Very strange.

I'll take just about anything that will wake up Catholics and get them out to vote Obama out.

Praying! +JMJ+

Anonymous said...

The good cardinal invites himself to speak at the democratic convention and to demur is to diss him? I think he got his nose in where it don't belong. Can any preacher invite him/herself to speak at St. Patrick's Cathedral?
I'll not inhabit the Dolan psyche and worry about his feelings when he's grandstanding like this.

TTC said...


I'm not sure you understand the protocol, but benediction is always part of these Conventions. The reason one would be proactive about letting both dems and repubs know one would be pleased to do the benediction would be a gesture of charity.

While the Republicans have always vigilantly pursued Catholic Cardinals, the Democrats have not. In an act of charity, he was giving them notice to let them know he is bipartisan. Most Catholics are democrat at heart. We have not been able to vote democrat for decades.

Catholic politicians who practice their religion are attempting to serve the land and people created by God, they invite a Catholic Cardinal and priest to pray at the outset of meetings where decisions will be made and plans to carry out those decisions will be executed. They seek God's guidance and blessing.

If a non-Catholic ever showed up at St. Patrick's Cathedral or any other Catholic Church in a tit-fot-tat, because Catholics invite priests and bishops to pray at our meetings, dinners and events, that will be the day when the Catholics in the pews will enter the sanctuary will physically remove those persons. There will be a lot of commotion. No doubt the priests and Bishops will run back to the rectory and hide under their beds. But the people in the pews are ready, baby. We're ready. Bring it on and see what happens.