Saturday, August 11, 2012

Nicholas Carfardi Conspiracy Theory: Mitt Romney was behind the murders of Archbishop Romero

All his favorite obsessions are mentioned in his latest - Adultery, masturbation and voting.

My semiannual look-see at the National Catholic Reporter, those seem to be the themes of all of their writers.

Here's a beauty from Nicholas Carfardi.

By the way...what ever happened to the Malta guy? Whats his face? Carfardi seems to have stepped into his role of flinging the dung.

I digress.

Carfardi has quite a conspiracy theory going on. He builds his case that Romney killed Archbishop Romero and helped slaughter the Salvadorians and consequently, Obama is more prolife and it's Romney who should be disinvited from the Al Smith dinner.

That's a doozy.

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