Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bart Stupak Says Obama Hoodwinked Him

Bart Stupak is now saying he was hoodwinked by Obama

He is shocked.

 Shocked I tell you that drugs to induce abortion are covered and the 'entire thing' is illegal. How was he supposed to know.

 I suppose it's possible as a grown up and seasoned politician who caricatured himself as a pro-lifer, he could have been ignorant that a lot of contraception is abortifacient, even rolling into the controversy. But he was taken to the shed and fully informed before he pulled the trigger. He pulled it anyway.

 I doubt he knew how bad it really was, but it was his job to know. Imagine watching this play out and knowing you were the one person who could have stopped it? People avoid guilt like the plague but it really is one of the most important gifts from God we posses. If you're experiencing guilt you've harmed something or someone. You've definitely hurt Christ.

Guilt is His calling card.

This is a bit like dropping a bomb and when the people you dropped it on are laying wounded, your country is in ruins, claiming you didn't know.  Tough one to ask us to swallow.  I think sorry would have been the better route to go.  


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

He's been hoodwinked? Oh, quickly! Find me a hanky! His tale of woe is so sad I think I'm going to shed a tear!

TTC said...

My sentiments exactly.

Perhaps he does not realize that claiming he was ignorant in the face of enormous evidence he was not, comes across as avoiding saying what should be said:
Mea culpa. Mea cupla. Mea maxima culpa.