Monday, September 10, 2012

Fr. Unni's Unhealthy Obsession with Encouraging Promiscuous Sex at St. Cecilia's?

Fr. Unni seems to have an unhealthy obsession with encouraging promiscuous sex at St. Cecilia's?

Page 8 of this bulletin.
Last Friday, August 31, one of Italy's most revered prelates died. Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, Archbishop Emeritus of Milan, died at the age of 85. Hours later, the leading daily paper "Corriere della Sera" printed his final interview, in which he said the Church was "200 years out of date."
That's right. Cardinal Martini rose from his death bed to leave the Church his manifesto.

I'll spare you some pain.

 Martini said the Holy Ghost and Mystical Body, of which Christ is the Head, needs to recognize his errors and travel a radical journey of change. The people are too weary from their booty calls to listen to the Church's counsel on sex and the body. The scandals of the pedophiles should drive us to discard the guidance of the Church and join the orgies, starting with the Pope and the Bishops.

Then there's the Bible. Vatican II got rid of it. Only people who receive the wisdom from tuning into our libidos and erections can know how to respond to very personal questions wisely. Neither clergy nor the Church's law can substitute for a person's inwardness.

Then there's the Sacraments. Divorced and remarried need the special protection of sacreligious communion. When a woman's husband takes off with another floozy and she finds another lover, filling out the application for an annulment is an act of discrimination against not only her but her children. We are all unworthy but we absolve ourselves before we go to Communion when we say "Lord I am unworthy to receive you...". We've got to get with the program. It's all 200 years behind. What are we afraid of?

He left us with the question...what can YOU do for the Church?

 Heh. I get it.

I know where Unni is going with this.

Well there's a rose in the fisted glove
And eagle flies with the dove
And if you can't be with the one you love honey
Love the one you're with
Don't be angry - don't be sad
Don't sit crying over good times you've had
There's a girl right next to you
And she's just waiting for something to do
Do do do do do do do do.
Do do do do do do do do.
Do do do do do do do do.
Do do do.
Do do do.

Something very disturbing is going on under Fr. Unni.


Anonymous said...

Have you been drinking? Corriere della Sera did print that interview hours after Cardinal Martini died, so I'm not sure I understand your comment about the Cardinal delivering this "manifesto" from the grave.

And, you say: "Then there's the Bible. Vatican II got rid of it." That is not at all what Cardinal Martini said. He said that Vatican II restored the Bible to Catholics.

What are you talking about? I think Cardinal Martini was wise and the Church could stand a little more wisdom.

Anonymous said...

So tell us...where is Fr. Unni going with this? That man gets quite a reaction out of you.

Jack O'Malley said...

123Carol, I'm afraid I don't understand your point. What has Unni to do with Martini? I agree Martini was a renegade, and Unni is a panderer to the sexually confused. But what is the connection here? What did Unni say?

Were you at St. Cecelia's? I'd go myself just to see the fairy show but I don't want to get hit on. :-)

jack o'malley said...


I had to type in about 10 words just to get past the "prove you're not a robot" crap. I don't think I will do this again.

TTC said...

Jack, Ugh is it doing that annoying thing? That must be something new. I'll see if I can shut it off. It is absolutely frustrating. We'd miss your comments!

Fr Unni published the Martini article in his bulletin. Link is in the post.

TTC said...

Anonymous, you must be new here? I don't drink. Hate the smell and I don't like the feeling of having my brain/thoughts anesthetized. We'll have to agree to disagree about the comprehending Martini's article. My comment about reaching beyond the grave is meant to convey that even though he is in the ground, he made sure his voice would echo his misguidance.

Presuming you are aware that that the Church is, quite literally Christ's Body on earth and He and the Holy Spirit are the "Head", I am always fascinated by people who presume they need to enlighten Him.

I am a lot of things, but I can't imagine anything any scarier than considering myself more enlightened than God. Saints preserve me from that!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid that the Roman Catholic Church and God are not one and the same. God has to have better judgement than the Church. The Church is made up of human beings which is why Augustine referred to it as "the harlot bride." It is also the Body of Christ, but it falls short.

You never responded to my questioning what you said about the Bible. You misrepresent the late Cardinal.

TTC said...

You have a gross misunderstanding of Christ's Church. Not surprisingly. Sadly. Fr. Unni does that to people. My advice to you is to run like your hair is on fire.

I did not misrepresent the Cardinal. You took a small snippet out of his disordered last hoorah to discredit the logical conclusion. You have to read the entire section, nothing replaces inwardness, etc.

Vatican II 'restored' the Bible to Catholics! What a hoot. Did you know the Churches were filled to the rafters before lay people used Vatican II as a license to take a wrecking ball to It?

Did you happen to read today's readings?