Thursday, September 13, 2012

Freedom of Speech - Even Idiots Have It

Everyone in the United States has the right to expose that the muslim religion is a mission of oppression, violence and murder. To ridicule or do whatever it wishes under the constitution of the United States.

The muslims can't control our Constitution from across their bully pulpits in the middle east. Duly note that the President did not condemn nor call for respect when the media went after Tim Tebow. No talk about the hurt feelings of Christians.

You really have to wonder what this sneak is up to, and I hate to say it, but whether it is possible he is even behind it. Something stinks about the whole thing.

First, we learn that the President knew all along the muslims were going to attack on the anniversary of 911. Does he order security?  No.    He hasn't even attended a security briefing since September 4th. Next we see him hopping on the plane to do some comedy stunts with David Letterman and head to Las Vegas to be adored and glorified. People yelling 'we love you...four more years'.  

Four more years of unemployment, skyrocketing gas prices, foreclosures, murder and mayhem around the world.  More hatred between the races and class warfare.  More middle class falling into poverty.   We love it baby.   More please.

Could it be the Taliban planted in the audience?     Even the imbeciles in this country wouldn't call for more of that.

Rioting has now spread from Egypt and Libya to Yemen, and Fox news is now reporting Tunisia.

There are no American troops around these embassies enforcing security and the security forces of the governments of these countries are nowhere to be found.

Here is something really creepy:  

In Egypt, the powerful Muslim Brotherhood called for peaceful nationwide protests tomorrow “outside all the main mosques.”

These are the people Obama met with, gave 1.5 billion dollars to help overthrow the government.  These are Barack Hussein's foot soldiers in Egypt.   They are the ones organizing the protest.

Something dirty is going down.

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