Friday, September 14, 2012

Obama's Foreign Policy Strategies Will Be the Death of Us All

What is going on in the Middle East is the meltdown and collapse of his stupid ideas.

I used to wonder how an evil madman like Hitler got into power.

Why didn't his ideas shock people? How could they possibly applaud and cheer his treachery into victory? How could they have been so blind? Where were the righteous people?

Now we know.

Until Obama came along, I was content in my naive belief that it could never happen again.   Even then, I thought the people would catch on when he revealed the treachery.  

I never really contemplated how sin's crippling of the intellect played into all of it.   How evil veils itself.  How alert you have to be, down to the minutia of our own worlds.

While watching the chaos unfold in the Middle East, they broke in with coverage of an Obama campaign speech yesterday.   We have values, he said, and the violence does not dim our values.   Watching  and listening to his rhetoric and excuses, the idiot women behind him (there wasn't a man in sight in the audience) nodding their heads, applauding - it was actually creepy.

Later, reporters were taking a live poll on whether or not we should continue giving money to Egypt and Libya and they lined up the morons who said yes.  Yes, give money to the governments now run by al queada.   Yes, continue to give American tax dollars to the political regime Obama put in place, funded, who are now rising to kill us. 

What a freak show.

As Romney rightly says, The United States is at the mercy of people whose mission is to kill us.

The propaganda of enslaved media machine of the government is calling for Romney not to comment on the stupidity and weakness of the current president, only adds to my suspicion that Obama is behind these events. 

He was aware that there was going to be a strike on our embassy by muslims on the anniversary of September 11th.    What does he do?    

Does he beef up security?  No.   He orders the marines that are there not to carry live ammunition.

Does he hunker down in the White House to plan the defense of our country?  No.

He stops attending security briefings and goes on David Letterman and attends pep rallies for him.

He pretends this is not an anniversary presents from the muslims.  Uses the half-assed excuse about a movie to apologize to the terrorists surging the embassy to kill Americans.  

To this moment, there is no admission by him that it was not about the movie at all.  He pretends Romney's criticism of his apology is some kind of imprudence from lack of information when the truth is, Obama is lying to the American public.

He is trying to stall Israel from defending themselves as Iran prepares for a nuclear strike to wipe the Jews off of the face of the earth.     Somebody asked Leiberman yesterday when that situation is going to blow up and he said any day now.   What is Obama doing?  Campaigning.

Netanyahu is now saying Obama's stalling is preventing them from defending themselves is not going to go on in perpetuity.  Unlike Obama, he intends to arm and defend his nation from the beast coming to kill them.    Good luck to him with that as he has his own morons to contend with.      According to the prediction of St. Paul, memorialized in the New Testament, destruction comes to Jerusalem.

Good times.


susan said...

None of it...NONE OF IT...makes ANY sense. Diabolical disorientation writ LARRRRRRGE. The world is exploding, and we are trying to make nice with the devil. We have CHRIST, the greatest 'weapon' in heaven and earth, and we appease, and call islam a 'great religion'. We haven't done what we were commissioned to do...we haven't even tried to convert those sitting in the depths of a demonic hell of darkness...we've honored their false religion; a Vicar of Christ has kissed their demonic book; we've voted in a majority to elect a baby-killer (and very possibly may again, IF we even have elections in 2 months) ....what can we POSSIBLY expect???

Kyrie eleison.

StevenD-Jasper said...

"The propaganda of enslaved media machine of the government is calling for Romney not to comment on the stupidity and weakness of the current president, only adds to my suspicion that Obama is behind these events. "

We can call them the 'Obama Media', if you go to newsbusters, you can see daily examples of the Obama media on display. It's disgusting when we have to go to the London press hear the real news.

Andy Kastone said...

Someone once said that the first victims of Islam are muslims. So true. It is not a "great religion,"; it's the greatest lies ever foisted on mankind.