Sunday, September 9, 2012

Prelude to America's Demise is Playing Out in the West Bank

The collapse of the economy, high unemployment and the cost of basic staples, food and fuel prices has increased beyond affordability.  Government employees have been warned they will not receive full salaries.

People are beginning to protest.

Abbas is blaming  Israel's blockades and restrictions and the failure of the oil-rich Arab states to make good on their promises to contribute money.   Sounds about right to me.

This is also interesting, though I have no idea of the ramifications:

Reiterating his intention this month to seek a U.N. General Assembly vote to upgrade the Palestinians’ status to that of a non-member observer state, Abbas linked the Palestinian Authority’s financial woes to U.S.-led efforts to head off the U.N. initiative.
“They are trying to exert pressure on us not to go to the U.N.,” he said. “This will not happen.”
Something to keep an eye on. It sounds like the exact same predictions of America's downfall if Barack Hussein gets his second term.

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Joseph D'Hippolito said...

As far as Israel is concerned, Carol, all that the Palestinian leadership needs to do is to renounce their plan to annihilate Israel and crack down on the terrorists within their midst. So must the Arabs. Unfortunately, the Arabs exploit the Palestinians for the former's gain, which is to fight Israel without an army, since the Israelis have militarily defeated the Arabs four times in a quarter-century (1948-1973).

Everybody insists that Israel should do more and more but they never hold the Arabs accountable for anything. Israel evacuated the Gaza Strip in 2006; the Palestinians turned it into a hellhole and a terrorist base. Nobody, not even the Vatican, does anything about this.