Friday, September 7, 2012

Results are in...Obama's Convention Speech Bombed


THE BUZZ IN CHARLOTTE: Reporters think President
Obama’s speech was lame – meandering, and sounding like a State of the Union address. People at the after-parties seemed baffled that he didn't lift his game for the big moment. But mostly Republicans watched the Republican convention, and mostly Democrats watched the Democratic convention. So the acceptance speeches weren’t as big a moment for talking to swing voters as they were in the past.

New York Times.


Washington Post.

Another good one.

Good round up on the Daily Beast.

It was flatulence in a spacesuit.

And to boot, the Convention alienated Jews and Christians.  Their embarrassing attempt to reverse the blunder alienated the Arabs. 

I wonder what makes them think the country has now been ideologically divided into these two camps and the swing voter has gone the way of the buffalo?

Obama decided his strategy for this race was to come out of his closet as a communist?  The godless ideologues, promiscuous women and men, illegal immigrants and mulsims have aligned and the rest of us are Republicans?


It occupied that uncomfortable zone between policy and poetry where it supplied neither enough of one nor enough of the other to satisfy everyone. The people who were going to be satisfied no matter what are already satisfied. So are the people who were going to be dissatisfied no matter what.
Roger that.

Here's another interesting quote:

My opponent and his running mate are new to foreign policy. (Laughter, applause.) But from all that we've seen and heard, they want to take us back to an era of blustering and blundering that cost America so dearly. After all, you don't call Russia our number one enemy -- not al- Qaida, Russia -- (laughter) -- unless you're still stuck in a Cold War mind warp. (Cheers, applause.) You might not be ready for diplomacy with Beijing if you can't visit the Olympics without insulting our closest ally. (Laughter, cheers, applause.)”
LOL.  Whooh-hooh.  YAAAAAAAAY.


China is our closest ally?   Russia?

"When you pick up that ballot to vote, you will face the clearest choice of any time in a generation. On every issue, the choice you face won't be just between two candidates or two parties. It will be a choice between two different paths for America."

You've got that right.

Godless Communism where the people will be slaves of the government.

Slaughtering of Christians and the Jews are next.

Free sex pills and abortions for sluts as parents and grandparents struggle to pay for their heart medication and they are denied procedures to ease their pain, improve the quality of their life, save them from the talons of death.

 I spoke to a friend last night, asked him if thought there were enough freaks in America to elect us into slavery.  All he could say is, "It's a close race".

Not a very edifying picture of what's left of the intellectual capacity of what was once the greatest country on earth.  

The reality is, we can't escape our fate.  At some point, the Book of Revelation is going to play out.  Obama has accelerated the pace.   I think we've got a good, solid shot at putting a tourniquet on the damage.  Not to be selfish and foist it upon another generation, but the state of souls is abysmal.  We need more time.  Beg for it.

Rosary.  Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  Redemptive suffering.  Penance, penance, penance.


Adrienne said...

He was punked by Clinton who took an extra 30 minutes for his "Hillary campaign speech."

It put Obama's speech, which was so bad even I gave up,ate dinner, and went to bed, very late.

It was after 11pm on the third day of the convention and those people were exhausted.

However, pretty much everyone is panning his performance.

And............the Romney ads are now flowing like manna from heaven. heh!

TTC said...

I couldn't stand watching them. I admire your stamina!

Though we disagree with Clinton's substance, public speaking is one of his gifts. You think Hillary will run in 2016? She looks tired and washed up.

TTC said...

Got to love that the employment report hit the backside on the way home.

Kelly said...

I am incredulous at how they can say absolutely ANYTHING out the side of their necks and NEVER be challenged on ANY of it.
There were so few true statements made, there were so MANY hateful statements made, to cheers and hysterical applause...the whole platform of abortion, contraception, hostility to Christians..I'm sorry, but anyone recognizing America?? Where did she go?
The crap Eva Longoria spewing about when she worked at Wendy's...1. people at that income level don;t pay taxes, and 2. how about those that are making more HELPING BY DONATING DIRECTLY WHERE THEY CHOOSE, instead of handing their hard earned money over to the government to WASTE?
ugh. I couldn't stomach watching, but I am now hearing the clips, and that is frightening enough.
I couldn't agree more about prayer and penance.

Couldn't the last four year count?

As lackluster as my enthusiasm for Romney was leading up to all this, is as forceful as my support is now. He looks mighty decent and humble, intelligent and prudent now.

Sorry for the caps rant.

Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

breathnach said...

Kelly, the Republicans have sat back and never responded to the Left's socialist revisionism regarding the economic bust, nor the whole litany concerning "greed" "one per-centers" etc etc etc.

GW Bush sat back and let the Left control the narrative, and the Republicans have drifted since Reagan forcefully rebutted the economic idiocy of the Left. A conservative political party cannot drift for 25 years while an ideological movement of the Left directs the narrative.You cannot live off the Reagan success forever.

Kelly said...

Breathnach--you are correct. I am praying that everyone who wants Obama out will get off their duffs in November. Remembering the mid-term elections, I am holding out some hope.

Percy said...

Um, our "closest ally" was a reference to the UK, where Mitt cast doubt on the ability of the UK regarding the security of the 2012 Olympics.

TTC said...

yeah. The guy's syntax was not clear on my first read.