Sunday, September 30, 2012

What does Obama and the Gypsies Have in Common?

Their fan clubs enjoy cheap magic tricks about the future.

Eye candy is in the eye of the beholder. And to the baying mob from Tunis to Jakarta those dead Americans and al-Qaida flags over U.S. embassies and an entire USMC air squadron reduced to charred ruins are a veritable Willie Wonka production line of eye candy. To the president, they're just "bumps in the road" to the sunlit uplands of "the future." Forward! Obama has lived on "the promise of the future" all his life – Most Promising Columbia Grad of 1983, Most Promising Community Organizer of 1988, Most Promising Fake Memoirist of 1995, Most Promising Presidential Candidate of 2008 ... The rest of us, alas, have to live in the present that he has made, which is noticeably short of promise. The Chinese Politburo get it, Czar Putin in the Kremlin gets it, and even the nutters doing the "Death to the Great Satan!" dance on the streets of Cairo and Lahore get it. On Nov. 6, we will find out whether the American people do.


susan said...

I am sadly coming to the unshakable conclusion that there are more (waaaaaay more) obama-phone people than there are of us.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

"What does Obama and the Gypsies have in common?" They're both thieves and con artists!