Friday, October 26, 2012

Voting for Obama is like the thrill of losing your virginity

Do tattoos cause lobotomies?

Lena, there's a reason why Michelle and Barack aren't using their own two daughters to talk like a slut.

Might want to lay off the red bull.

 ADDENDUM When I saw this video, I wondered where her parents were in her life, especially her mother. I wondered the same thing about Fluke.

 Was she a child whose parents kept vigil over her, advising, protecting?

 Did she get caught in a group of peers whose mental and spiritual health were being eaten up by something so powerful that all their attempts to rescue her were not enough? Are they watching their child and are heartbroken, in pain, praying for her night and day?

 It happens. Parents can do everything right and something or someone will come along and drive them straight off of the cliff.

 Who could be a better parent than St. Monica?

 And, let us face it, in the Trinity and our Blessed Mother and their Church which was left for us at great sacrifice, we have perfect parents and yet each of us have lost our way at some point or another.

 I wondered if her parents started out with good intentions but when their child rebelled against truth, purity and all that is angelic - and held their relationship in contempt, did they grow weak and call her sins virtues? Stand on the sidelines celebrating and clapping as she sank into the abyss of her infirmities? 

The vocation of parenting requires spinal fortitude and more importantly sacrificial love. You've got to prepare and keep your own compass and your family's ship always pointed towards Christ. With compassion but conviction and with great confidence, always keep the steady course, even when what you're feeling inside is weak-kneed.

 Formation in the truth before they are teenagers is critical. Use the news, events in your community to teach. This way they can receive the teaching without the emotions that come with personal attachments.

 Poor Lena was not so lucky.

  Her own father sexualized her while her mother was in lala land.

Truly macabre.

I was thinking about poor Lena and all of this when I heard my own 20 year old call my name in the wee hours of the morning to ask me to iron her shirt.

I love the way she calls my name - sweetly and tenderly, lovingly.   It brings me to tears because there was a time when she held the truth in contempt- at least some of it- and she was shooting bullets at the!

There will be storms.  It will seem as though your relationship with your children relies upon your affirmation of their indulgences.    Never give in or up.   Keep the ship and all of it's contents steady on Christ (even when the priests or Bishop cannot or is not).   The storm will pass.   The child will know the truth and that is the gift you give that will guide them for the rest of their lives.

Obama is using women with intellectual, social and spiritual problems to make the entire race of women out to be vulgar sluts.

Meanwhile, his own children are tucked away in a very elite school, being conserved and preserved from their father's sexual exploitation of women living in their poverty.

All we can do at this point is beg God for freedom from it.

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