Friday, November 2, 2012

Catholic for Obama Event in Denver draws 45 people

There were more cockroaches in the building than people.

Nicholass Carfardi is already thinking about his next venture, Catholics for homicide and racism.


StevenD-Jasper said...

a person over on the Breitbart link said it best:

This creature, Cafardi, and the other apologist-pigs for Obama are craven in their opposition to Catholicism. They have forfeited the right to the Catholic mantle. I say to them in the name of all Christians "leave, you diseased wretches, children of Satan, leave and take your vile, hateful, cruel and destructive ways with you, remove yourselves from our sight, you are not welcome here".

Left-footer said...

Brilliantly pithy, and deadly accurate! Your blog matches mine for anger, but outstrips it in eloquence.

God bless - you and America!

TTC said...

Chris,thanks - if we don't laugh our way through this, we will turn into curmudgeons! I love your are far more eloquent.

Thanks for the blessings. Please pray for us here in America. We are at a treacherous crossroad and intellects are in a diabolical fog from the effects of sin.

God's blessings back to you and yours.