Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ordain a..what?

The word lady is a paradox in this context?


susan said...


this is one of the clearest exibits as to why women should NOT be ordained.

'specially loved the lines,
"hey, don't listen to St. Paul..."
"I refuse to kneel to patriarchy's way"
"excommunication...I'm still glowing!"
....yeeeahhhh....that's holiness alright.

oh yeah, and this one, "we want our church back, we want it all back." news for ya "ladies", your church is down the road by the big oak tree under the solstice moon...just look for the 13 crones in a circle. Those boho-chic patched 'albs' you're wearing will fit in mighty nicely there.

nuts!...this world's gone stark raving NUTS.

Anonymous said...

Wow, brilliant vid Carol. Go raibh maith agut. I really liked it. A powerful message strongly delivered, cleverly using 2012's summer soundtrack.
Keep it coming!
East Tyrone

TTC said...

Ah!!! You Slag you!

I know. These manky eejits are so knackered! Not the full shilling there!

TTC said...


You took the words right out of my mouth!

breathnach said...

Catholycs certainly enjoy be-clowning themselves.

TTC said...

That they do my dear.

That they do.