Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A mother who kills her full term child is not a victim.

Janet Baker shares her thoughts on the very dangerous trend of blanketly referring to mothers who have abortions as victims.

There are many situations, perhaps even the majority, when a woman (especially if she is a young woman) is a victim of bullying her into an an abortion. Janet expresses herself beautifully and with great courage. I couldn't agree more. Short of mental retardation or an abusive situation where a woman is taken by force, a mother who kills her full-term child is not a victim - under any circumstances - even if something goes awry with the risky operation and she dies along with her child. This is, of course, a profoundly upsetting outcome, but a woman who calls an abortion clinic to seek counsel on how to end the life of her child, has already made up her mind. An abortion clinic is not the appropriate place to seek counsel and guidance on the morality, ethics, consequences to the child and to one's own soul. A person of good faith who has not made up her mind seeks the counsel of a priest or spiritual director. It is a disservice to women to caricature making an appointment at the abortion clinic and then blame the persons she paid to kill the child as hoodwinking her into it. We have to alert women to the self-deception of making a decision and then seeking out the people whom we know will cheer us on so that we can blame them later on for giving us bum advice. This is how the devil operates when he is using your weaknesses to lure you in and seal the pact. The honorable thing to do is to teach and alert them to these wiles. Women who have been taught and alerted, may recognize what they are doing and stop the locomotive from proceeding full steam ahead. Treating women like imbeceles who would not know that the child they have felt moving inside of their womb for over 20 weeks is a human life; the imprints of the feet, hands elbows, knees she has felt and observed, she could ever be hoodwinked into believing ending the life of her full-term child is anything but murder, is preposterous.

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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Thanks, Carol. I think the operative word in your first sentence is "blanketly". As a sidewalk counselor, I can attest to the many situations where a woman is obviously under duress and is most likely in an abusive situation. The worst are the parents who drag their minor daughters in; twice I've actually been assaulted by these thugs so I can just imagine what their daughters endure.

What particularly troubled me about the handling of this situation is that there was so much regard for this lady and her family as victims that no prayers were offered for true repentance nor that the woman was able to properly receive absolution before death. That boggles my mind.