Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cardinal Bertone is upset...Do loose lips sink ships?

The Romans have had an interesting response to the leaking of content on the investigative report on Vatileaks.  They are scrambling to recover their secret pacts to protect their privacy on corruption and their dirty little secrets.

I can't seem to muster up any empathy.  Perhaps there have been just too many victims of it.

I am captivated by the commentary of the ignorance is bliss crowd.  It isn't possible they have no evidence that the elephants are in the room.  Why carry on with the charade that it is gossip.  It is too late for that.

I do not know anyone who really knows whether Cardinal Bertone himself has participated in any of the sick and corrupt practices.

What I can explicitly say is this:  Cardinal Bertone is at the top of this sick empire protecting it.  He has been terrorizing to protect it through the reigns of Pope Benedict XVI and Pope John Paul II. 

I can say with conviction that I do not know his motives.  It could very well be that he sincerely believes that it is in the best interest of Christ's Church to keep the dirty laundry in the closet.  He could be a completely innocent person who believes the scandal would rock the boat so intensly that his efforts to keep it all secret is servitude to Christ.

The magnitude of problems with his reign of terror include the coverups and rapes of children - and worse - millions of Catholics whose souls have been perverted and handed over to the devil.

The remorse and sadness over the rapes of children is cheapened by the unwillingness to change their practices of protecting corruption.

We see it on every level. From the Holy See to each of our parishes.

Cardinal Bertone is not ready or willing to pin the tail on the elephants.  I doubt he ever will be.

Frankly, none of us really wants or needs the details. But, I doubt Christ is going to let it keep on consuming souls so I am praying that the Conclave has the spinal fortitude to do what must be done to elect a Pope with the strength to put a rock in the slingshot and fire it.

Otherwise, I think the powers inside of the Vatican who are being tortured, tormented and terrorized by it will take matters into their hands and leak more content.  

Everyone has had enough of it.  It's going the way of the buffallo.   The only question that remains is, how ugly do they want it to get in the public square.    It matters not to the victims of the regime who have had enough of it.

Cardinal Pell said it best:  The Vatican is no place for a pious fool.


Percy said...

Actually, Cardinal Sodano was the capstone of the empire, and Cardinal Bertone has been an enemy of his. It doesn't mean Bertone's got no noxious agendas (love the triple negative?), but do NOT forget the longstanding miasma of evil that Sodano acted as protector and enabler for.

TTC said...

Percy, interesting that you disagree and point to Sodano as the head of the empire. As you no doubt know, it is very difficult to get the Romans to speak to anything specific but I would say that my sources over the last ten years point to Bertone as the obstacle to removing the network, as opposed to naming the culprits who are excercising the dirty deeds. The misconduct of prelates like Sodano is far more out in the open. There is a mystery around Bertone which the Romans refuse to identify except to say he is the centurion of it all and is far more dangerous because of the power he has, the way he uses it and the unwillingness of the Pope to remove him in spite of it all.

The Romans have stopped smoking the peace pipes, as have many of our Cardinals in the entire see. What little I know, my gut says there is a window to put a Pope in who will put it out of its misery and if that doesn't happen, then we will be seeing more of the report.

I don't think it is the sex that brings it all down though it may be tied to the crumble. Something dirty is going on with the money and I am not edified that almost simultaneous with the Pope's resignation, some restrictions were finally lifted. Perhaps it's a good sign. Perhaps it isn't. I don't know.

Percy said...

My understanding has been that Sodano's ecclesiastical crime family has been doing what it can to bring Bertone - long felt to be Cdl Ratzinger's protege - into disrepute.

Again, I hold no brief for Bertone. But I know that Sodano is bad goods, and it would be quite possible for his gang to be deflecting to Bertone. FWIW. Sodano was in place for a LONG time, and had the opportunity to place people far longer than Bertone has.

TTC said...

The only thing I can tell you is this.. I am not guessing from watching the news and reading. My sources are with the Pope. To suggest their objective is to bring down his protege is preposterous.

I have never heard any of my sources say or imply that Bertone himself is involved in any of the sinister things going on, they have only said he is protecting it and nothing can be done until he is dead or removed. I don't buy into things with one source either. But after ten years of sources who can be implicitly trusted, who do not know each other, sing the same tune, I face it.

Mike Hurcum said...

We should consistently pray for the Pope, thr Magisterium and the Papal Office, that allthose who conspire against them in any way are brought onto the light.

Anonymous said...

Bertone is the one who just overruled--for good reason--the new liberation-theology-oriented head of the CDF, to keep a rebelious "Catholic" university in Peru with liberal theologians from using the word "Catholic" in their name.

In a highly unusual move, the Vatican curia’s highest official, the Cardinal Secretary of State, Tarcisio Bertone, has reportedly corrected the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in a dispute over a rebel Peruvian university. According to a report by La Stampa’s Vatican Insider magazine, Cardinal Bertone and a meeting of high-level Vatican officials have declared that a letter by Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller to Cardinal Juan Cipriani Thorne, the archbishop of Lima, Peru, is “null and void” and that Cardinal Cipriani’s actions against the former Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PCUP) were correct and within the precepts of Canon Law.

Vatican Insider reports that a controversy has flared within the Vatican over the actions taken by the Secretariat of State and Cardinal Cipriani against PCUP, whose theology department is known for opposing Catholic teaching on homosexuality and abortion.

Love 'em or hate 'em, at least Bertone did the right thing in this situation.

TTC said...

Yes. Bertone did the right thing with this scandal. But the list of things he has done right leaves one wanting. All eyes are on deck. Perhaps he sees the writing on the wall and wishes to now distance himself from his reign of terror.

Anonymous said...

TTC, Many people have and many more will lose trust in the Church. The Church will surely become a remnant.Now for now,isn't it alleged that Cardinal Pell neglected and covered abuse in the clergy? A few days ago at CathCon there was a post.In it Cardinal Meisner was quoted as saying to the Pope that ++Bertone has to go.The pope answering No,No,No.He stays!It all seems extremely complicated.And it's a very sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

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