Thursday, February 7, 2013

Obama's latest 'compromise' on the HSS mandate to murder

The USCCB rejects it.

I truly wonder if the Holy Spirit is trying to convey the message that we only hire and serve Catholics.

Think about it.

We could teach our own religion to our own employees, treat our own people under the guidelines of our own religion, educate our own children without encountering the objections those of other religions whom we so graciously admit to our schools.    Hunker down and prepare the next generation of Catholic evangelists.

Other than the sad abandonment of service to non-Catholics, I think of a downside to this course of action.   In fact, I taste freedom.

Downsize, terminate and expel.  Hunker down into the cavern, educate and convert our own people and prepare the next generation of Catholic evangelists as this perverted administration leads their followers to defile and kill each other.

They will come for us eventually, but their agenda will have no place to veil itself.


Anonymous said...

Workplace discrimination based on religious beliefs is hardly the way forward for any business or organisation. I don't think you are qualified to interpet the wholey spirit Caro!


TTC said...


The wholey spirit? Is that the one where people do lunges and squats in a hot room so they can provoke their own intellect to tell them to go right on ahead with that roll in the hay? LOL.

I think you have your discrimination theory a little backwards.

Catholics who own businesses have the legal and constitutional right not to be forced by the government to do things that violate and contradict the teachings of their religion.

The reason being, following the tenets and creed of the Catholic religion is essential to remain in good standing with Christ and winning our salvation.

Obama is discriminating by shoving a mandate down the throat of Catholics which forces them to make choices.

1. Own and operate their business and employ people of other religions but give up their relationship with Christ and their salvation by way of doing harm and even being an accessory to sin and murder.

2. Shut down our business, give up our paychecks and the paychecks of all employees we hired of all religions and beliefs.

3. Change the substances of our business to serve and employ only Catholics, thereby freeing Catholics from the mandate to be an accessory to chemically sterilize and demoralize women and kill their children.

There is no other choice but the third. With some creativity, every Catholic can change up the name, by-laws, mission of their business and let all other employees go. Replace them with Catholics who will serve only Catholics.

Meanwhile, Catholic employers will be much freerer to witness and evangelize in the operation of their business. Our schools will be free to teach humanae vitae, Theology of the Body, training our own children to reserve and preserve their human sexuality for Sacramental marriage. There are no mandates to teach women to sleep with irresponsible men and chemically sterilize them. There is no gay marriage. No HIV. No whackadoodles telling teachers they cannot teach Catholic teaching in our Catholic schools because they don't believe in it and they don't want their children to hear it.

Take your government mandate and shove it right up your arse.

TTC said...

Get it?

It is the government who discriminating against Catholics.

Our Bishops should advise Catholic businesses owners to protect their salvation and terminate all employees who are not Catholic and limit their services to serve only Catholics.

Even an ice cream store can be creative - every flavor named after a Saint. We can line our walls with pictures of our Popes, with a Crucifix.

Not to worry. If Catholics weren't going to be paying for the pills, no doubt Obama will set up dispensaries that will give them out for free. Maybe he can set them up right between the marijuana dispensary and the gambling casino.

Knock yourselves out. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Amen Carol, what You said!

Anonymous said...

We are not sure if the USCCCP through His Eminence has outrightly rejected it, because Rocco Palmo reports on his "Whispers in the Loggia" weblog:

They Did… Or Did They?


Even if yesterday’s USCCB response to the latest version of the Federal contraceptive mandate’s religious opt-out was headlined by the conference’s judgment that the proposed exemption “falls short” in addressing the church’s concerns on religious liberty, the bench’s head is apparently keen to have few liberties taken when it comes to reporting the line – at least, as he sees it.

In a blog-post to share the body’s message released over his signature, earlier today Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York said the following:

Yesterday, I issued a statement in my role as President of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking regarding the HHS mandate. Unfortunately, there were some news reports today that claimed the bishops “rejected” the White House proposal, ignoring the fact that we bishops said, “we welcome and will take seriously the Administration’s invitation to submit our concerns through formal comments, and we will do so in the hope that an acceptable solution can be found that respects the consciences of all.”

On a quick side-note, this is the second time in a week that an American cardinal has taken to his own blog to rebut a significant story… as watershed moments go for Catholic new media, well, there you have it.

Though Dolan’s lament of “some news reports” cited only the New York Times’ story run in today’s editions – which ran with the headline “Bishops Reject Birth Control Compromise” – for good measure, it bears noting that the “reject” lede was identically employed by outlets ranging from Politico, Reuters and Religion News Service to National Public Radio… and, sure enough, even the cause’s most likely allies at Fox News. On both sides of the ideological coin, meanwhile, most Catholic commentators likewise took little time before either exulting or foaming at the mouth in reacting to the USCCB statement as a close of the door on the White House’s latest attempt at “accommodation.”

In any event, much as the substance of yesterday’s statement can easily be debated, its invariable corollary apparently remains Breaking News to many in the chattering circles: what’s known among the church crowd as the “Dolan Two-Step” – a dance in which nobody’s left completely hanging… and, indeed, there’s always sufficient space for still another shoe to drop.

Along those lines, it’d seem this one ain’t done just yet. Time, however, is beginning to run short – 13 months since the freedom fight was initially joined, the mandate’s grace period for faith-based groups is slated to cease and the rules take effect this August, while (at least, as the conference statutes presently stand) Dolan’s non-renewable three-year presidency, the national post’s first-ever stint in New York, ends in mid-November.

TTC said...

I don't agree with Rocco's interpretation of this whatsoever. The cardinal is clear that Obama's magic trick is not accepted. The word rejected may be interpreted as closing a door. Some numbskull probably wrote something hysterical and Dolan is making sure the President knows he is welcome to conversations that protect every Catholic business owner from the insidious harm Spelled out in Dolans first release.

When a lawsuit is cooking, one has to be careful not to signal that the time for negotiating is withdrawn. Those kinds of statements provoke the opposing person into doing something to dig both parties further into the hole.

Rocco does not have great discretion. He has a few moles like everyone else, but he has limited information which he exaggerates with his own imagination.

Anonymous said...

Carol, this is far more important: