Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cardinal O'Malley Encouraged the Ending of the Practice of Celibacy to a Gathering of Priests at their Mardi Gras Celebration

Below is a 'statement' released from Fr. Ron Coyne from the Archdiocese of Boston in which he expresses his excitement over Cardinal O'Malley's encouraging words about ending the practice of celibacy. 

Accordingly, the Reverend Coyne wrote a statement explaining how the teachings of the Church from the Holy Spirit have been riddled with errors and his hopes that Cardinal O'Malley is elected to the Papacy to dismtantle the past two thousand years.

Frankly, I am not feeling rational enough to devote myself to correcting Fr. Coyne's heresies and apostacies at this moment.  They should stand out like a sore thumb to readers here.

For those of you who do not know Fr. Coyne's history, somewhere around 20 years ago, he was stationed in St. Brendan's parish, located in Dorchester, Massachusetts (part of Boston).   Dorchester had a very large settlement of Irish immigrants and their first, second generation descendants.

Admittedly, the blue-blooded Irish are quite a fiesty group. Especially Irish mothers and fathers
who take their vocation-the salvation of their children's souls- seriously. The primary purpose of living to Irish Catholic Blue Bloods actually extends beyond their own children and family members.  The intimacy we have with Christ, His Sacraments and His Church and salvation extends to all souls.

Irish parishioners at St. Brendan's became very concerned about the salvation of souls during Fr. Coyne's tenure when Fr. Coyne and his 'co-pastor' Fr. Josoma began openly conducting themselves as a sexually intimate couple.  Their homilies and general conduct inside and outside of the sanctuary were scandalizing.

The Irish immigrants, ever respectful of the protocol and heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, followed such - they sought intercession from the Vicar Forane, then the auxiliary Bishop, followed by Cardinal Law and finally the Holy See. 

Cardinal Law had very little tolerance for these sorts of conundrums and was actively trying to reign it in pastorally, but at a pace that was doing serious damage to the children of Irish immigrants.

Accordingly, when Frs. Coyne and Josoma used the vacuum of discipline to escalate their agenda and began simulating the Sacrament of marriage in the Sanctuary to homosexual couples, the Irish immigrants made a phone call to the Cardinal and said, in essence, >"if those two priests are not removed before Sunday, they will be dragged by the head of their hair from the Sanctuary and rectory and you may retrieve them on Morrisey Boulevard with their belongings at 7:30am. Good day to you Sir."

Thus, they were swiftly removed by Cardinal Law and placed on administrative leave for several years. We assume they were given spiritual counseling and told to divorce themselves from each other, as they were never really seen in eachother's company again - at least publicly. They were among the missing for about five years.

 Boston Catholics prayed fervently for both of them during these years. Each one of us striving to be faithful to God has, at one time or another, been in the position of having to mosey on down the road from a person or situation.  It doesn't have to be sexual to understand the challenge and struggle and have empathy for it.

It would seem that any fool could or should separate compassion and empathy from the duty not to return them to active ministry unless they were healed, renewed their promise to faithfully teach Catholics Truth, administer the Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist to ground them in Sanctifying Grace.

Cardinal O'Malley returned Ron Coyne and his partner Fr. Josoma to active ministry where they have been defiling souls for a decade or so. 

Another priest in the diocese was a third wheel in the theological rat pack, Fr Bob Bowers, who also went among the missing.  He later showed up at another theological hellhole "The Paulist Center".  He dropped the title of "Father" and promoted himself as a former priest.  However, he is still listed as an active member of the Archdiocese of Boston with the address of the Chancery headquarters in Braintree. 

Bob Bowers was teaching - brace yourself -marriage preparation for the Archdiocese of Boston.

The Archdiocese has, I believe, three megacenters for preparing Catholics for the Sacrament of Marriage.  One run by the Collellas in Braintree (which is very solid), one at the 'Espousal Center' which is metzametz but actually not too bad,  and the third was operated by Bob Bowers at the Paulist Center.

You can't make this stuff up.

I found out that Mr. Bowers was running marriage prep for Cardinal O'Malley when my own daughter brought the materials to me and asked me to vet the program. At the same time, I found out that others whom she knew and whom I have great affection and love for, went through Bower's program.

As you can imagine, I wrote a lovely letter to the Chancery, the Nuncio and the Holy See, explaining the inappropriate nature and consequences of the Cardinal's association with the Paulist Center, and in particular Bob Bowers, to prepare Catholics - people we love - for the Sacrament of Marriage.

I understand Mr. Bowers subsequently moseyed on down the road from the Paulist Center to a job with the Red Cross

I want to believe that empowering this network of priests is some misguided execution of mercy but I just can't find who the recipient of mercy actually under these senseless edicts.

It is not the priests who remain in a state of diabolical disorientation.  It is not the souls in the parish who are being sucked into their own destruction.   The only thing I can think of is, the sucking up they do to each other brings them personal satisfaction which they pathetically misinterpret as the mercy of God.

 A Statement by Ron Coyne

SUBJECT: A Statement by Ron Coyne

The following letter I sent recently to CardinalO’Malley. Thought I’d share my thoughts with you as well.

Dear Cardinal O’Malley,
It was good to see you at B.C. High on Tuesday.
There was in the past close to 100 priests attending that Mardi
 Gras gathering. This year around 30 (including Jesuits and
Staff at the school).
I mentioned to you how happy and surprised I was to hear you mention publicly that a married clergy is a possibilityin the Catholic Church although you think it unlikely. I also
told you I would write with my recommendation for the next Pope. Since I am unacquainted with the candidates and their backgrounds I think it’s only right that I just share some of my
dreams for the future.
The Catholic Church that we know and love is on life support. We have a major image problem and in many ways have removed ourselves from the life of the average Catholic.
The Vatican has been a source of pride for many Catholics and we have been a very powerful influence in the world, sometimes entering into areas that muddied the waters between
Church and State (politics & religion).
I strongly believe that during our history we have competed with secular authorities and have adopted their penchant for titles and robes that has set us apart from people rather than unite us. The number of Catholics emotionally, spiritually or physically invested in our Church is dwindling
fast. Every country in the world benefits from the Church’s presence and ministry. Education liberates the inhabitants of these countries. It has in the U.S. and it will in Africa, Asia
and Latin America. That liberation effects every area of knowledge including theology.
The priorities that I would like to see present in the next Pope would be openness to conversation and dialogue with all of God’s people especially with Catholics who have
convictions that differ from our present teaching. I believe titles and robes make that almost an impossibility. It is a barrier that has to be withdrawn.
Our concept of God truly determines our view of ourselves and humanity. Our understanding of God as among us and within us rather than apart from us is lived out in the life
of Christ. He loved those no one could love, touched those no one would touch, healed those no one would heal and forgave those no one would forgive. Our new Pope needs to lead by
 example. Contrary to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council our Church has recently moved to restore an understanding of God that is demanding and distant. The prayers of the new
Roman Missal are the latest indication of that shift. We need a Pope who will identify with the Second Vatican Council and implement it’s documents.
The church needs to have a leader who is comfortable with his humanity and expressing himself. The way we receive people who come into our presence or our lives is an
indication of our self-image. Pictures of the Pope meeting with private or general audiences and with the Church hiarachy itself, is so scripted and cold in appearance. It does
not put people at ease.
The way in which bishops are selected and the limited authority of organizations like the NCCB need to be looked at honestly. We need to encourage priests to be selected for these
ministries and positions not because of orthodoxy but because their lifestyle makes God’s presence known especially to those among us given the least opportunities.
As long as we continue to move in the direction of restoring the Church to pre-Vatican II theology we will continue to remove ourselves from the lives of everyday Catholic people. We need a Pope who can admit that the Church is a human institution that has made mistakes and poor
choices at times in our history. We need a leader who can admit that God cannot be captured by any religion or any words. God is beyond organized religion and no religion has
the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That’s why theology is such a challenging science and why biblical studies can be so exciting.
Our papal history is not something of which we can always be proud. Some of those who have held that position have done serious damage to the gospel message during our
2000 years. So our teaching has not always been consistent. Being able to admit that history can be good for the Church. I don’t believe that the next Pope’s ethnic background
 is the number one priority. His theology must be. My 2 favorite lines from the New Testament are from Romans: “God shows no partiality” and “Nothing can separate us from
 the love of God”. If I believe that, I have to live it. I wish you the best as you prepare to travel to Rome.
 What a privilege you have of being such a major part of Church history. You and the Cardinals from around the world are in my prayers and the prayers of the people of St. Mary’s
 in Randolph.
 If by chance there is an American selected as Pope, I believe it will be you.
 Ron Coyne

Do you believe this guy has been permitted to victimize souls for decades, without any recourse to parents and concerned Catholics?

The end is nigh.

The light is on you all right, pal. You  and his possey better invest in some sunglasses.


M said...

Ron Coyne has moved beyond titles, apparently. He has certainly moved beyond grammar (how did this man make it through the seminary)? And he apparently has moved beyond Jesus, just like the LCWR nuns have. This paragraph is heresy, pure and simple:

"We need a leader who can admit that God cannot be captured by any religion or any
words. God is beyond organized religion and no religion has
the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

TTC said...


Apostasy aside, the communication did not leave me with the impression there was a lot going on in the hatrack. If he weren't a priest, I doubt the devil would have any interest in him at all.

He is a complete heretic and needs to be removed, immediately, and sent for spiritual counseling and supervision. Perhaps in a padded cell in a silent monastary

Lynne said...

As Bugs Bunny would say, "What a maroon!"

Kd said...

Ha ha ha, YOU crack me up! seriously if it wasnt so shameful it would make for a great comic page, Fr Coyne and his friends..sounds like he and his friends must have been pretty diappointed in Pope Benedict, I do not believe there is anything Fr Coyne can say or do that will convince The Holy Spirit to secularize or humanize His Church, I believe these " prophesies" of Pope Benedict say it all and are happening now and will continue until all the evil has been removed, that includes the likes of Fr Coyne for sure!


Kelly said...

My favorite line-"if those two priests are not removed before Sunday, they will be dragged by the head of their hair..." haha. Maybe it's because of my Irish blood.

breathnach said...

Commisar Coyne needs to heed Pope Benedict's Angelus prayers from several Sundays ago, he prayed:

“The time of testing is here. We must not use God for our own ends.”

“When he began his public ministry Jesus had to unmask and dismiss the Temptor’s false portrayal of the Messiah. But these temptations are also a false portrayal of man, which threaten our conscience, disguised as proposals that seem convenient, efficient and even good.”

“The Temptor is devious: he does not push us towards evil directly, but towards a false good, making us believe that the real things that matter are power and whatever satisfies our primary needs."

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Father Coyne's short list for Pope:

Sister Carol Keehan,

Nancy Pelosi;

Dan Savage;

Hans Kung;

Kathleen Kennedy Towsend;

Alberto Cutie`;

Bill Maher;

Father John Unni or

Cardinal Sean.

TTC said...

Sadly, there is more coming on the cabal of Boston, and of recent vintage.

I can't tell you how done the parents of children are with this sick group of prelates. They have been teaching our children to reect and contradict the tools for their salvation for decades.

We're going to birddog it and torture the people responsible for it until it is put out of its misery.

Like everything else, the Chancery will refuse to come to terms with it and do something about them until it gets ugly.

My favorite part of his statement was his plea of despair, for the church of "his" dreams is hanging on by the threads of his underpants.

Lynne said...

This doesn't even make sense, "... hear you mention publicly that a married clergy is a possibilityin(sic) the Catholic Church although you think it unlikely."

Married clergy is a possibility although unlikely? Huh?

Also, it's interesting that Bower went to the Red Cross...Jarrett Barrios, the gay former state senator, is now president of the Boston Chapter.

Anonymous said...

Bob Bowers spoke at the "wedding" of Jarrett Barrios to his gay partner in 2004.

Looks like Jarrett took care of Bowers by rewarding him with a plum job.

Anonymous said...


What about "Married clergy is a possibility although unlikely" doesn't make sense to you?

It is indeed a possibility, and it is also unlikely, at least in the near future.

Unlike the question of ordaining women, which the Church says is impossible, the ordination of married men is not Divine teaching, but is a discipline of the Latin Church and could be changed with the stroke of a pen. In the earliest years of the Church, clergy were typically married and the discipline of celibacy was formalized in the Latin Church in the eleventh century

Presently, we already have married clergy. In particular, former Anglican priests whom we've welcomed over, even allowing them to continue using the Book of Common Prayer as part of the Anglican Use. They and their wives and children live in rectories. Moreover, Eastern Catholic Churches do not have a celibate clergy as the norm.

So, of course it's a possibility. But presently, it is unlikely.

TTC said...

Anonymous, you're out in left field. You might be so far out, you're not even in the ballpark.

The point here is, Coyne has a long history of problems in the libido so the last thing the Cardinal should be doing is implying celibacy is the problem. Celibacy isn't the problem. The problem is the diabolical disorientatation of the flock which is causally related to the buffoonery of prelates like Ron Coyne.

Perhaps even more shocking, the Cardinal evidently doesn't have the wherewithall to know what celibacy is all about and how to zealously explain the mystical properties of the discipline to a group of his own priests.

Anonymous said...

And why, exactly, am I out in left field? Please correct me if I am in error. It is absolutely a discipline rather than a Divine teaching and could (and someday will) be changed. I neglected to mention that we have married permanent deacons who are members of the hierarchy.

TTC said...

You still don't get it?

I guess you are out of the ballpark.

What the Cardinal did is a bit like walking into a prison to do ministry and rather than talking about sanctifying grace and the Sacraments, 'encourage' the inmates by telling them the sequester will mean there will be less police on the streets.

You are not going to post your drivel here. Move along.

TTC said...

Lynne - That puts the puzzle together. Barrios and Bowers are tight. I couldn't figure out what the heck he was doing working for the Red Cross.

Catechist Kev said...

Good grief.

For the benefit of Anonymous on March 3rd at 8:41 and 9:11 please understand this:

In the history of the Church have there been married priests? Yes.

In the history of the Church have ordained priests been able to marry? No.

This needs to be clarified and understood. Yes, celibacy is a discipline, not Divine teaching or a doctrine. That is true.

However, please also understand this:

Obviously you are aware that married men can be ordained in the Orthodox churches, yes? (and in the Eastern Rite churches in union with rome)

Going back to the times of Communism in Russia there were married Orthodox priests preaching about the evil of Communism.

Next thing you know Party was knocking on their door telling them if they did not stop preaching this that they would soon find their wife and three youngest children being carted off to the salt mines in Siberia. (this really happened!)

Do you think said priests kept preaching about the evil of Communism? (which, for all intents and purposes, it appears we are headed in that direction)

It is inconceivable for this Catholic to understand why, given the fact that your average Catholic is ignorant of the most basic doctrines of the Church, the topic of optional celibacy is brought up in the first place by shepherds who should be *teaching the laity* the faith!

Dear Lord in heaven have mercy!

Teach us the faith, dear shepherds. Not idle speculations about disciplines that may or may not be changed with the stroke of a pen.



Supertradmum said...

Celibacy is not the problem. Letting SSA men into the seminary and priesthood is, and it is still happening.

By the way, my parish in the 90s had to have three parish council meetings before the people decided to pay for a wife and two children of the only priest in the area who could take the parish, or else it would have gone on mission status.

He and family were Anglican converts before the Ordinariate.

And, I personally know that some Ordinariate families are living in poverty. Some of the older wives had to go back to work to support the family as the monthly income is much less than when they were Anglicans and got free rent, etc.

Wake up, silly people.

TTC said...

I'll say it again - a priest claiming celibacy is a problem for the presbyterate is a priest who needs a private investigator on his tail.

If he could get himself into the state of celibacy and draw on the mystical properties of the sacrifice, he would not be out in the public square protesting his mandated state.

The whole thing is nuts. In every conceivable way.

The funny thing is - this is the peanut gallery: people in the pews putting a dollar into the basket once a week or who are not coming to Church at all. The last time they tried the practice of living in a state of sanctifying grace was before puberty. Now they want famlies to live, eat, get educated and have insurance on their four dollars a month.

What a hoot.

ChoiseLife said...

Just a few comments.

I don't know what Cardinal Sean was thinking but he has not been the leader we need here in Boston. We need Bryan Hehir and his like minded friends removed. Too many seem to be scared to speak the truth in Boston!

2. Married priests would not be a problem, it is not having enough holy brave men that will speak the truth and live a prayerful holy life. Imagine having men that are not looking for money from the Church but just volunteer their time to preach the word of God! So let's just say what the problem is: Gay men in the Church using it as a way to justify their false sinful lifestyle.

Steve Coppola said...

I know Father Coyne personally. He helped me through some very dark times in my life. Mainly, in the year of the death of my entire immediate family in concurrence with my wife's demand for divorce after her admission of having been unfaithful throughout our entire relationship.

Fr. Coyne's faith is unquestionable. His love for God and desire to carry on the teachings of The Lord Jesus Christ Our Savior are evident and obvious in everything he does.

Tolerance, love and acceptance ought to be amongst our highest priorities in life, as well as our quest to understand and better live through the teachings of The Lord Jesus Christ our savior.

I do not believe I would have been able to overcome such seemingly insurmountable adversity, in one year, at the age of 24, if not not for the guidance of Fr. Coyne and the teachings of Christ.

Anger in a powerful feeling which can be difficult to move beyond. I find that it is best to look inside of yourself in order to determine what it is inside of your soul that is making you so angry. Is it a pattern of hatred and close-mindedness that has developed over a life-long family tradition? Or is it simply the inability to accept others as human beings, with flaws and faults?

Regardless of one's interpretation of Christ's teachings, We can an ought, live for all, with all and as one.

God bless you all, and may the Lord have mercy on your souls.

Steven Joseph Coppola

TTC said...

Steve, I am sorry for your loss. I have had a lot of death in my family and understand its turmoil and suffering, which seems endless.

But you speak of things Fr Cotne did that is the role of a friend. A priest doesn't perform his duties irrespective of his heresy. Do you understand?

It's like going to a doctor to cure cancer who instead holds your hand.

Anonymous said...

Could married priests be able to afford a family and wife when parishes have had to combine due to the lack of young men wanting to go into this ministry. If priests think that marriage will resolve some of the issues in the Catholic Church, I think they are being totally unrealistic. Why don't those who feel they need a marital relationship to satisfy whatever need they are experiencing (loneliness, mothering, sexual gratification, desire to have children) leave the Catholic Church and join a different denomination. I think these young men have skipped over a very important psychological and physical stage that they were deprived of by committing themselves to a rigorous discipline of celibacy or chastity. We are all human creations of God. God created sexuality for the purpose of procreation and sexual gratification between a man and a woman whether it is sanctioned by marriage or it just happens on a romantic date. Homosexuality is not acceptable according to the Bible. So maybe homosexuality is another one of Lucifer's tricks giving those humans who are attracted to the same sex a message that this is ok! Or did God make a mistake in the genetic code. None of us will never know. Or maybe this is a test from God to see how humans can accept the abnormalities that occur on this planet earth such as autism, downs syndrome, birth defects, color of skin, dwarfism, homosexuality, diseases causing gross physical abnormalities. It takes a different kind of discipline to love these human conditions. A loving mother will never turn her back on any of these abnormalities!