Saturday, March 16, 2013

Go ahead, fall in love with Pope Francis.

I have.

I've read and heard concerns about the Sacred Liturgy.  I don't think the situation is as serious as some are making it out to be.  I don't think we'll be seeing Liturgical nonsense from St. Peter's Square, but time will tell.

If we have something to worry about, it will manifest itself in the appointments he makes.  Appointments are the means for rolling out the agenda of the person in charge. 

If he appoints prelates with corrupt agendas to key positions - we'll know nothing has changed.  We're right back to appointing the corrupt to corrupt under his nose and then distancing himself from it.

When the dust settles, Boston Catholics are going to test the waters.  

Let's be clear.

We want everyone struggling with sin, seeking the healing Sacraments of Christto feel welcome in every parish in the Archdiocese. Because that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

When a person or persons presence starts demanding restriction and silence of Church teaching on the necessity for SSA persons to be celibate, parents with children-the families sitting beside you in the pew are deprived of the tools they need to properly form their conscience. Consequently,they are sent into the world to face temptation with the tools of depravation and ignorance and seek pleasure in the carnal.

Such persons are not welcome to conduct themselves inside of any ministry in the Roman Catholic Church with these restrictions. If that makes people feel unwelcome - it's a crying shame. The Catholic Church is a place where we all come to learn how to deprive ourselves of sinful things we are attracted to.  Being deprived of that is not panning out for our children, our families, friends and the world at large. Moreover, it is not panning out for Christ.

Plans are underway for Boston Catholics to  circle back to the Vicar General and Cardinal to put the paper trail on their desks. We are going to inform them that if it isn't stopped by a certain date, we are heading to the Nuncio.

I am personally going to fly to Washington DC with the paper trail and meet with the Nuncio to ask him to seek the intercession of the Holy See and Pope. We'll give him six weeks to fix the problem and if it isn't fixed,we are going to call in our chits at the Vatican and fly over to Rome with the paper trail in our hands.

When we remand the matter to the Holy Father, we'll find out if we are back to the same old games.  This is all going to take time.    

Every priest in this diocese is going to have his own little copy and be told exactly who knew, what they knew and when they knew it - what was asked of them and what was done in response to those requests- and the fact that we are on our way to Rome with the trail.

With Vatileaks, you'd truly have to be under a rock not to realize that everyone from mothers and fathers in every parish to the highest levels in the Vatican are done with the foolish games.

In the meantime, I have a very, very good feeling about this Pope.  He deserves our trust, our love and our support.    He is truly extraordinary from what we all can see.

Stop resisting this magnificent gift and fall in love.


Anonymous said...

You're kidding yourself if you think anyone in the Boston hierarchy gives a whit about you & your thoughts about the Church. You are derided at the highest levels. You'd be better off visiting a soup kitchen & leaving the Church to God & those whom he's chosen to run it. Your "paper trail" is off no interest to anyone who matters.

Brian Schweiss said...

I live in northeast Illinois, and I check your blog daily along with Boston Catholic Insider. I've been praying daily for all of you out in the Archdiocese of Boston, Cardinal O'Malley, and all your local Church leaders, and I will continue to. God Bless! :)

TTC said...

Anonymous - LOL.

Good one.

Yes, we are well aware that the people who glorify the homoerotica at the highest levels in the Archdiocese don't give a whit about the papertrails. But let us just say, a little birdie - a seagull perhaps - is giving us the sign to deliver the trails again and check out the new regime.

Your problem is you think we give a flying fig what the folks shoving homoerotica down the throats of our children thinks about us. We stopped caring when they had to release the pedophiles from their sick heirarchy.

You can run back and tell them - if they haven't read a newspaper, they're out of favor with everyone but themselves. We all know what that means about you.

TTC said...

Brian - thank you!!!

That made me cry!

We so need the prayers! Blessings back to you and yours!

TTC said...

ps anon---your assertions that righteous people do not serve the poor is one of the biggest lies with which you license promiscuity and sin.

You are only kidding yourself and the people you have to brainwash to recruit a partner.

TTC said...

You run along and tell them we don't give a whit that they don't give a whit. The paper trails are about to land on their desk via certified mail with requests for intervention and dates when the clock is going to tick out waiting for them to do something.

I hope I am understood.

TTC said...

pps -you may not know the breadth of the corruption they protect with their foolish template letters and patronizing. But they know. This exercise is about telling them we know all about it --and after the last several years of Boston Catholics having to resort to the public publication of the corruption --call this a hunch -- I think they see the train coming at them full speed ahead. They may just be self-serving enough to not want to get caught under the wheels.

Happy Holy Week.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is how *you* spend Holy Week. That says it all. Why don't you share with your readers exactly what is in your so-called "paper trail."

TTC said...

You've got your bitchy pants on this morning!

While I also work towards the freedom of the captives of erotica at the hands of our priests, I will also spend holy week in adoration, prayer, daily Mass, immersing myself in the sacraments,reading Scripture and the writins of the Saints, working on my daily service the poor every day,being with my family, making meals with love, being laughing with friends and the people I love.

That good enough for you?

Boston Catholics follow the protocol of St. Paul. We go to our brothers and all the way up the chain of command until we reach the top and if they refuse to intercede, THEN we warn those who are innocent.

Don't you worry though, if your predictions bear their fruit, you'll be reading all about it.

Theresa said...

Hi Carol... Love you and this blog!I check in with you every day. I`m not one to leave comments too often , just wanted you to know we`re with you here in Wakefield. God Bless and keep you! Theresa

TTC said...

oh - and I forgot..I'll also be spending time talking to people who are victims of the perverted antics in the Chancery - including those whose trust has been so broken by the games played to protect their fiefdom of homoerotica and money, they can't bring themselves to give a good faith effort to trust their newly-elected Pope.

With the gym, house cleaning, shopping, cooking - I'd say the more you talk, the more you reveal that you know not of what you speak?

Perhaps its time for your silence.

TTC said...

Thanks Theresa, you are kind! I love it when readers pop their head into the comments section.

Many blessings to you and yours as we approach our Holy Week!

M said...

Carol, Are you in communication with a canon lawyer in regards to what will be accepted as evidence by Rome and what the rules are? Pastors have many protections written into canon law. They can fight the process to get rid of them. Bishops have a lot of leeway in how they handle cases.

TTC said...

M, the canon rights of priests in this diocese do not exist. There is lawlessness. They give orders and priests do what they are told, even if it is a violation of civil and canonical rights.

I can only be responsible for me. The fact that they are stiff necked doesn't affect what I have to do.

Anonymous said...

And lets not rush Holy Week that doesn't start until next week, this week we Celebrate the Great Feast of St Joseph and Pope Francis! Long may He Live!

Anonymous said...

Carol, God bless you! Give 'em Hell!