Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google Posts Chavez's Communist Puss On Easter Sunday - Boycott

I was fit to be tied to open up my browser and see a picture of what looked like a Chinese communist on my google page.  It  turned out to be Chavez, to venerate his 86th birthday.

They could have put up Easter bunnies, Easter Eggs or even chosen to ignore it.

But no, they chose an outlandish and nefarious kick in the head to Catholics and Christians all over the world.    I suppose we were lucky they didn't blow up pictures of their genitalia.  Though I'm not sure it would have been any less offensive to me.

I couldn't delete google fast enough.

I immediately downloaded internet explorer 10.

I'll be getting rid of my gmail and switching the blog over to a forum outside of google.

I suggest you do the same.


Anonymous said...

That's Cesar Chavez not Hugo Chavez you stupid woman.
I guess all us Hispanics look the same to bigoted morons.

Hope you haven't deleted your email yet!
You are literally too dumb to use the internet!

TTC said...

You're going to love this: I thought it was a Chinaman.

I don't have any interest in looking at people who do harm and evil. It makes me sick when I see their faces. Physically sick.

I'm sure your super intelligentsia won't get this, but whichever tyrant communist named Chavez they put up to insult Christians, they would have done less harm if they had put up kiddie porn and said bleep Christianity.

Anonymous said...

Cesar Chavez (born César Estrada Chávez, locally: [ˈsesaɾ esˈtɾaða ˈtʃaβes]; March 31, 1927 – April 23, 1993) was an American farm worker, labor leader and civil rights activist, who, with Dolores Huerta, co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (later the United Farm Workers union, UFW).[1]

Don't feel too stupid because lots of other dumb conservative racists got really confused and deleted their gmail accounts as well!

TTC said...

Yes, I know he worked on a farm, Do some more research. He was a communist. You my dear, are the maroon.

TTC said...

Just for the record, long before the first time you dressed like a slut and went to barrooms to find irresponsible men willing to sleep with you, I was working against a group at the JFK School of Government named after Chavez who are stationed here in Boston to destroy the Roman Catholic Church as the first stage of destruction. They led the priests are perverts media blitz with some gays and a drunk lawyer who despises Christ.

Civil rights my foot.

TTC said...

The Chavez group at JFK gave the communist in the White House his first break at the DNC convention. That's why he went out of his way on a Sunday to declare Easter Sunday Chavez day.

Now, they are all on the spending spree that will bankrupt and destroy my country so we can all become peasants who rely on scraps of food and shelter and they will roll out oppression. Tada.

You come around here with the stink of your ignorance, arrogance and pride telling informed, educated Catholics how stupid they are to be offended by an innocent Hispanic farmer all dressed up like a virgin glowing in white on their holiest day of the year?

Get the bleep out of here.

breathnach said...


the Anonymous Unni-ite "no me gusta" your failure to prostrate yourself before his false idol, Cesar Chavez. Cesar, the Farm Workers honcho, was apparently a "practicing Catholic". It is unclear if he would have have devolved into a "practicing catholyc" of the Pelosi,Biden, anonymous Unni type. However, the Left will use him regardless.

TTC said...


Like a lot of people who start out their political career, Cesar Chavez was well-intentioned, but the principles of marxism, communism and socialism are governed by exploitation and murder of the children of poor and sick.

Of course, the damage done is compounded by fringe bigots and hateful people who use his legacy to do things the man would be extremely upset about. I have no doubt that Chavez must be tormented by the assault upon the Catholic Church done in his name that was run out of the Kennedy School of Government to usher in the collapse of the economy that will bring about the poverty of the masses, necessary to carry out the tyranny that will destroy our country.

Still, if the sycophants wish to send their prophets to this blog to post malignant vitriol and use bullying tactics to demand Christians genuflect to their pagan idolatry and insults to Christianity on the holiest day of the year, they will have to collect their castrated in the TTC woodshed.

Jack O'Malley said...

Good response, Carol -- you should enforce a "non-anonymous" reply protocol. As Rorate Caeli does. I'm not sure how to do it but it is evidently possible.

As to the Marxist Chavez and the "social-justice" Bergoglio: we have a Marxist pope:

Cesar Chavez está ahora el Papa. Papa Pancho el Humilde. Papa Pancho el campesino. Papa Pancho el jesuita. Papa Pancho el marxista. Papa Pancho el teólogo de la liberación. Papa Pancho el martillo de demolición. Papa Pancho tal vez el antipapa?

I know these jebbies from long ago. They sought and seek the demolition of the Church of Christ. St. Malachy Martin, pray for us.

TTC said...

Jack, thanks! I'll look into the non-anon protocol. This is a google platform and the longer term plan is to dump it, but I have to figure out how to import archives. It takes years to build google standing on word recognition --which is actually more than vanity. If you can get information into the top three or five with keywords, innocent people who may be scandalized by a priest or program or parish or school - they have the information at their fingertips and can redirect their family away from the threat to salvation.

I need to get over it though, because the nefarious insult to the sensibilities of Christians far outweighs any of it. God will provide.

My jury is still out on the Holy Father. I want to see who he appoints to what and whether he is responsive to the message from faithful Catholics to uphold Church law and teachings and switch the genuflection from the feet of a muslim woman to the Consecration of the Divinity of Christ in the Sacred Liturgy.

One thing I do love - everyone is watching his every move, reporting his pleas for peace, his witness to compassion and love - which is clearly genuine. I keep saying that there is a price I'm willing to pay for this but he is clearly off of that reservation for all of us.

He seems to take a shine to the martyrs. When I heard he was visiting St. Peter, I sought (and I'm sure many others did the same) the intercession of this great saint. Quo Vadis baby. That story doesn't end with an embrace with Nero. It just doesn't.

St. Albert said...

I must say I am impressed by the fact that seemingly at every opportunity, Pope Francis calls anyone who will listen to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That is something that is essential to the Church as it moves forward.

Let us continue to pray, and trust.

Anonymous said...

TCC, I mostly have liked reading you blog and generally am in agreement. But this is the second time in the recent past you've made comparisons that I just don't get. Here you say " ..less harm had they put up kiddie porn.." Previously you said ' something was a worse abuse by priests than was pedophile priests'. Surely you remember. Will you now clarify this one?

StevenD-Jasper said...

I saw that Carol. Disgusting. Screw them.

TTC said...

Steve - exactly.

St. Albert - thanks - I totally agree. A whole lot can be forgiven and overlooked when this kind of love is manifesting itself. Teaching disobedience is where I have to instruct my children to get off the bus. No way is that real love and the consequences to teaching disobedience as the protocol of love manifests itself in their soul and consequently their salvation, their relationship with God and their relationships. Much prayer.

Anon - thanks for asking for clarification. In a nutshell, it comes from the distinction between what Christ wisely told us that people who will harm and even kill us are really not the danger in this world. Rather, it is the people whose conduct leads to destruction - and sometimes even homicide - of the soul. You absolutely can slay a soul.

So, when we see the pagans pushing the village idiots into the idolatry of their communists and those whose idea of social justice is murdering people who might be a financial or physical burden to the family or the community - to people who see those kinds of things with the eyes of their soul, there isn't a dime's worth of difference between what they do and the soul slaying of those who sell kiddie porn. It is exploitation whose end is exactly the same relative to matters of the soul.

Does that help?

Sometimes, somebody will come along who had a personal experience with sexual abuse in their family that would have difficulty, understandably, processing people who speak about matters of the soul. The sexual abuse of a child can do terrible damage emotionally - to the souls involved, to the community at large. But there is nothing worse - and I do mean nothing, rape and even murder - that is worse than a priest or bishop who is sexually exploiting the minds and souls of the faithful as their means to recruit wallets into the parish and adoration for their low self-esteem. The consequences of that live on and on for generation after generation.

Let me know if that helps clarify.

Anonymous said...

Google was set up by CIA. Use which uses a google-like search engine but it totally erases all searches so the CIA and Bankster Government cannot put together a "profile" of everyone lives which they keep in a new $2 billion "fusion center" in Utah. Face3book is government run for same reason. Twetter is same - to compile a profile of each person so nuts like Obama can later accuse people of "pre-crimes" based on theri profiles and deny them of guns and look them in FEMA concentration camps. Yahoo is also some government agency. I use Bing and

UR olde friend

Anonymous said...

I don't know what kind of a Catholic you are, but you and iz don't get to have a jury on the Pope. The Pope is the Pope, nothing you or I think about him adds or subtracts from his authority. but I suppose this is the problem of those of you who are victims of the "New Church" and the poor religious education

TTC said...


I'm not sure what sede vacanist planet you flew in from but there is no such thing as the 'new church'. There is a magisterium and we are all subject to it, including the Pope. When a Pope is elected, his election doesn't free him from obedience to Church teaching and law. He's obligated to go through the 2000 year old protocol to exercise his authority.

This was put into place to prevent the exact misunderstanding you seem to be afflicted with.

He can no more bring in apostates to take roles in the Sacred Liturgy and claim his election as Pope abrogates 2000 years of Church law and teaching, than he can one day just introduce his wife on the piazza.

TTC said...

ps. You must have skipped over Canon law in your 'religious education'. When a Pope starts disobeying Church Law and teaching, any and every

Catholic absolutely have the right and the duty to make the judgment and, in charity, point out the danger to the sanctification and salvation of souls. If he continues on the trajectory, it is absolutely necessary to disconnect your children from his witness of disobedience.

If a Pope goes through Church protocol to refine or tweak Church teaching - Catholics are obliged to accept and bind it to the principles of right judgment. Unless, of course he tries it with an infallible teaching of the Church. Then, we have an antipope on our hands. This - of course - does not apply to Pope Francis.

Dymphna said...

What blog site are you going to?

TTC said...

I dunno. Any suggestions?

I've used Wordpress before but wasn't too crazy about it.

M said...

OFF TOPIC: Anyone read Mark Mallett's latest post, Hour of the Sword?

He advises all of us to go to confession and communion on Divine Mercy Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Carole, I know exactly who and what you are talking about at the Kennedy School of Government - Marshall Ganz:

I was a student at Harvard at the time Ganz organized his assault on the Catholic Church. I was involved in the pro-life group and Harvard actually and several of us met with your group (Was it 1999 or 2000?) with some Catholics from El Salvador who had experience with the same group of Chavez thugs in their homeland.

Pope Francis reminds me of the humble, gentle love of Blessed Pope John Paul II. The moonbats who hijacked Vatican II to license disobedience despised Blessed John Paul II. They will turn on Pope Francis as soon as he clarifies and ratifies Church teaching that limit the use of their genitalia to what is natural, holy and meets approval with God.

TTC said...

Anonymous 909 - Of course I remember!

By the way, for those interested in the anti-Catholic Cesar Chavez group led by Ganz at the Kennedy School of Government:

TTC said...

n.b. I took special delight that Consolomini was pitching his tent on the misconception I never heard of Cesar Chavez. There is a moral to that story: stupid is as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Took all of one minute to find hundreds of articles identifying Cesar Chavez as a communist.

It also took me all of one minute to find Consolomini critical writings about Catholic parents who teach their children that gay marriage is against the teachings of the Church and obstructs entrance into Heaven.

I think I know who it is. It isn't a her, its a him. And, he isn't Catholic, though he is obsessed with It. He left the Catholic faith to pursue a religion that doesn't object to living with his gay lover.

Dymphna said...

I tried Wordpress this weekend and it was really awful. I looked at simple site and Weebly and was not impressed with either.