Monday, March 25, 2013

Matt Moore

I came across this post from another SSA blogger who is pursuing celibacy.

Apparently while giving witness and encouraging others to live a celibate life, he joined a SSA match service and his struggle and fall to temptation were publicly exposed. More details here.

It doesn't sound like he is Catholic - and so our responses and our river is quite different. Nonetheless, he does a great job articulating his struggle, and his frustration that his deep and genuine love for Christ doesn't seem to be enough to win a permanent victory over his sinful desires. We can explain that, can't we.

Concupisence baby.

The gift from Adam and Eve that keeps on giving.

If you love Christ enough, you're halfway there. The rest is getting into the Sacramental frequent flyer program and intense discipline over your thoughts and emotions.

Confession. The Eucharist. Prayer. Penance. Fasting. That's the easy part.

The hard part is what we call the nip it in the bud program. Keeping vigil over your thoughts and emotions.

  After about six months of resisting the devil at entrance gate, along with the Sacraments - he stops wasting his time trying to fuel your flaws.

The devil is an impatient principality. He has work to do and will find another soul. But he never leaves for good.

 Not in this life. He'll come back when you least expect it. As soon as you drift from the discipline, when work or your relatives are driving you crazy, in moments of self-pity, doubt. When you are not paying attention to your gut instincts and the unseen.

When you conquer one struggle, the devil will find another weakness and feed it.

If you think of it, please pray for Matt over the Triduum.

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M said...

If only the Church were to work harder to spread the influence of Catholic groups such as Courage and EnCourage, so that more young men and women could benefit! The Church has the treasure of the sacraments to help them through their struggle. But instead, they allow activist priests to promote the gay agenda.