Sunday, March 24, 2013

Will the Pope Live in the Papal Apartment?

Did you watch the video of Cardinal Bertone showing him around and giving him the keys?

I never actually checked the digs out.

My thoughts were, dial 911-ETHAN-ALLEN, there isn't a comfy chair in the place.

Check it out.

While renovations are taking place, he's residing at Domus Sanctae Marthae, and seeking refuge from the Romans with the janitors and gardeners.  Perhaps trying to embrace the cross of living with men who know not human interaction, who have spent centuries protecting corruption with their foolish games.

Perhaps they inspected his suitcase with a couple of pairs of fleece pajama pants, shoes with holes in them and Michael Smith CD and they won't let him in.


The cocks are crowing.  The clock is ticking, and they say this is the time to let their voices be heard.  They site a sexually active lesbian and practicing witch who shares these thoughts:

The election of a doctrinally conservative pope, even one with the winning simplicity of his namesake, is especially dangerous in today’s media-saturated world where image too often trumps substance. It is easy to rejoice in the lack of gross glitter that has come to characterize the institutional church while being distracted from how theological positions deepen and entrench social injustice. A kinder, gentler pope who puts the weight of the Roman Catholic hierarchal church behind efforts to prevent divorce, abortion, contraception, same-sex marriage—as Mr. Bergoglio did in his country—is, as my Argentine colleague observed, scary. While he may clean up some of the bureaucratic mess in the curia, he shows no evidence from his Argentina actions that he will be any more responsive than his predecessor to changing policies and structures

Ha.  Yeah.  That's what I'm thinking too.

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