Monday, May 27, 2013

Archdiocese of Boston Honors Marshall Sloane

On the front page of Cardinal O'Malley's newspaper is a story detailing the honor they bestowed upon Marshall Sloane at this year's Catholic Charities event.  Sloane was the recipient of this year's "justice and compassion" award.

 Cardinal Se├ín P. O'Malley joined Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Boston, May 15, at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum for their annual Spring Celebration. The benefit raised more than $1.3 million to fund the agency's programs and services that support 200,000 people in need throughout Eastern Massachusetts.

Catholic Charities honored Barbara and Marshall Sloane of Century Bank with the "Justice and Compassion Award"

As many readers here know, Catholic Charities is headed by the Cardinals closest confident, Fr. Bryan Hehir, to whom he has given more power than the Holy See.

So, what were Cardinal O'Malley and Fr. Hehir honoring?

It's the same old/same old. 

If you give a Cardinal enough money, he will do much more than look the other way when you defile children - he will applaud, honor and cheer you on.

Margery Eagan has the story - Mr. Sloane is a leader in the crusade to change the meaning of sexual morality.

You talk to Marshall Sloane for five minutes. It hits you: If this man is what 80 years of living the Boy Scout Oath produces, every boy in the world should join — immediately.

“I love Scouting,” Sloane, a veteran of Troop 18, Somerville, told me Friday night.

Sloane, the founder of Century Bank, is one of Boston’s most tireless philanthropists. Catholic Charities just honored the Sloanes... Still, Sloane’s age — 87 — and his profession — banker — do not exactly fit the profile of a guy you’d expect to fly to Texas to vote to end to the Scouts’ ban on gay troop members, a controversy that’s roiled the organization for years. But he did.... Despite at least 3,600 calls to his answering machine, every one urging him to keep the ban, Marshall Sloane voted with the 61 percent majority that ended it Thursday. Excluding Scouts based on sexual orientation, he said, was simply wrong. “I was so proud. For three days straight maybe 50 people got up to give their point of view. This was very emotional. Plenty of old-timers threatened to quit,” said Sloane, believing himself to be the second oldest old-timer in the hall. “But there was no yelling, no screaming, no nastiness. For it or against it, when you finished speaking, you got a hand.

Get it?

Children having sex before the age of legal consent.  Whether yer fer it or agin it, it's just time to clap.

But the optimistic Sloane, who opposes bans on gay adult Scouts, too, believes that ban will be history as well, and soon. He said people were wrangling last week over the meaning of “morally straight,” the last phrase in the Boy Scout Oath.

Sloane is leading conversations that persuade them to reject the moral truths necessary for their soul's salvation.  The Archbishop , irrespective of the victims of Mr. Sloan's spiritually-disordered ideas, assembled the hap, hap, clappiest group of folks in the Archdiocese to give him a trophy and a front page story in his newspaper.

A new spin for the Wedding Feast at Cana.

The Cardinal, who is the spiritual parent of one half million Catholics in Boston, reminds me of another parent who threw a party for this children on the other side of town.

In a very wealthy suburb of Boston, father William Hacking threw a lovely birthday celebration for a friend of his daughter's.  All the children got drunk and when the police came, they threw empty bottles at them.  

All were arrested.  Mr. Hacking, who was also trashed, was charged with violating social hosting laws.

Catholic Cardinals and Bishops incessantly violate social hosting laws of the Church.  You have to wonder why they continue to let the people operating the Chancery in Boston defile and consume our children. 

Why do they pretend they cannot see or smell the overwhelming stench of the doctrines of moral and sexual perversion coming from Fr. Bryan Hehir?


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Horrible, but unsurprising.

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BSA has become NAMBLA