Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Boston Globe's Kevin Cullen Flawed Reasoning on Enda Kenny

“Hate comes from evil men who cannot stand the reproach of goodness because it makes demands upon them that they are unwilling to accept. The more intense the evil, the greater the fear of goodness. That is why Supreme Goodness is nailed to a cross.” Archbishop Fulton Sheen

I don't normally read the commentary of journalists from the Boston Globe, especially when it comes to theology, but I thought readers would find this piece from Kevin Cullen interesting. For instance, take Cullen's use of the word 'local zealots' in this sentence:
The only thing I have in common with Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda ­Kenny, besides a sheer, unadulterated love of everything about County Mayo, is that we’ve both incurred the wrath of a group of ­local zealots called the Catholic Action League.
Local zealots - you know - as opposed to that certain group of journalists on Morrissey Boulevard who would never attempt to foist their personal convictions upon others.

Kevin Cullen is an extraordinary witness to the Boston Globe's unbiased coverage of events and their warm, welcoming, loving charity towards all peoples:
These people would be deeply offensive if they weren’t so deliciously comical. They are self-righteous, self-appointed keepers of the faith, who especially like pointing out that a la carte Catholics — that is, most Catholics, who use contraception, don’t think gay folks are disordered, and believe that people should be allowed to get a ­divorce — do not belong in their church.
I couldn't tell you the last time I read something from the Globe.

 I did not find Cullen's open bigotry against Catholics surprising, but when did they completely do away with the journalistic standard of due diligence and rational thought?

"Self-appointed keepers of the faith"

He is writing about Catholicism but appears to be ignorant that 2000 years of Church teaching is memorialized in the  Catechism of the Catholic Church.  There is nothing self-appointing about it.   It takes great humility and love of God to accept and practice those teachings.   

I am baffled by people who cannot grasp or understanding real, loving relationships with God.   It seems they do not know God's Animus is as alive and present in the heart and soul as their spouse, mother, children, sisters, brothers, friends?

How can this be?

It is mind-boggling.

I will often choose a person I know they deeply love and ask them, for instance, what keeps them from cheating on their spouse when somebody attractive 'comes on' to them.

Are there any emotions in their relationship with their spouse, any modicum of respect for the mutual love, the gift of that relationship?  Does the prospect of pouring sexual energy into another person and the distance it puts between them and their spouse, the damage it will do to their marital relationship, family, children - do those losses factor into they way they live their life in relationships?

What stops them from stealing from their friends?   Is it only because there are conscious of civil law? They don't want to get caught and go to jail?

When you pose these questions, they are perfectly capable of understanding that they resist temptations because it is necessary to keep love alive and healthy in those human relationships.  The kind of deep, intimate love - one is not even tempted.

Yet, when you try to explain how that same kind of love lives and breathes in a loving relationship with God - and we make choices for the same reasons.

"a la carte Catholics..  do not belong in their church"

This is the stupidest caricature of Catholics who reject Church teaching, and consequently their own salvation, I have ever read. All Catholics sit in the pews and struggle with Church teaching. 

Some struggle with accepting the teaching. Others accept the teaching but struggle with practice.

That's what we are all doing there.

What Catholics will not accept is when a struggling Catholic uses their presence to encourage others to reject Church teaching, tempt and draw them into celebrating and taking pride in immorality and sin.   The Unitarians down the street love that kind of stuff and you are most welcome there. You're not welcome to do it where our families sit to learn how to make choices that affect their salvation. If it's trouble you're looking for you're going to get it.

Cullen's repeats the hysterical urban legend that Catholic teaching killed a pregnant woman.   

Mass murder needs a good excuse.

Kevie - might be time to check out how many abortionists have killed pregnant women.  Not to mention the millions of children.

Cullen's outrageous cacophony doesn't stop there.  He goes on to accuse Catholics of being sexual predators, people who torture children.

Quite the Masshole.

Is this their sharpest tool in the shed or do they just use him for venom that has castrated his intellect and capacity to love?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry the Globe has no readers - look at this:

Boston Globe Circulation

The number one newspaper in the one of the nation’s top markets – we boast a Sunday circulation of 362,849 and a daily circulation of 215,712.

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If you want email and browzing that is not spied on by this Administration (and the last one too) - you can use IXquick.com or Startpage.com and soon there will be PRIVATE email called StartMail being set up by Startpage.com InfoWars.com listeners can be Beta testers of the PRIVATE email that the CIA and NSA and Whhitehouse entities are not able to record to use against citizens.

The Globe and the national corporate press are liars and they are history - a dirty history.

ur old friend

breathnach said...


Nice take-down of Liar Cullen. Kev has inhabited the fever swamps @ Morrissey Blvd for far too long. His hatred got the better of him long ago.

Among his many lies, this one stands out- the woman, Savita Halappanavar, who died from septicemia in the Galway Hospital was a victim of medical negligence and late diagnosis. As stated at the inquest:

"Dr. Susan Knowles said, however, that early induction of labor, which under Irish law is not regarded as an abortion, would have been necessary after the diagnosis of sepsis was confirmed.

Dr. Knowles said that the medical team at Galway University Hospital should have been aware earlier that the patient’s condition was deteriorating, and that sepsis should have been diagnosed earlier. She also said that after diagnosis, it should have become clear that the antibiotic regimen chosen was ineffective, and that other antibiotics should have been tried.

Mrs. Halappanavar had requested that her pregnancy be terminated on Tuesday, October 23, before any signs of sepsis had manifested. Her obstetrician said that the request had been motivated by “emotional distress,” and that as such it was not medically indicated and initially refused.

After the symptoms of sepsis had appeared, her attending physician, Dr. Katherine Astbury, said she was prepared to authorize a “termination,” but before the order could be carried out the baby had already died."

Roman Catholic teaching provides for saving the life of the mother in such situations where the pregnancy is a threat to the life of the mother. As outlined in Article 14 of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith's Declaration on Procured Abortion:

"Deliberately we have always used the expression 'direct attempt on the life of an innocent person,' 'direct killing.' Because if, for example, the saving of the life of the future mother, independently of her pregnant condition, should urgently require a surgical act or other therapeutic treatment which would have as an accessory consequence, in no way desired or intended, but inevitable, the death of the fetus, such an act could no longer be called a direct attempt on an innocent life. Under these conditions the operation can be lawful, like other similar medical interventions — granted always that a good of high worth is concerned, such as life, and that it is not possible to postpone the operation until after the birth of the child, nor to have recourse to other efficacious remedies."

Liar Cullen deliberately misrepresents these facts and the current status of Irish law on such questions.

We will not see a column from Kev regarding the horrendous state of socialized medicine, which is a scandal in Ireland and the UK. The liar could not wean himself from his hatred of the Roman Catholic Church for long enough to complete that task.

TTC said...

The family has a good case of malpractice on their hands but there was absolutely nothing but negligence that prevented the surgical delivery of her dead child.

As a responsible journalist who has access to these facts, the logical conclusion of his screed is, he authored a malicious lie.

Furthermore, the maturity of piece is around the age of puberty. As one friend noted, the sophomoric tenor sings "you are fat and wear glasses".

What a creep.

susan said...

10 'As for the upright man who is poor, let us oppress him; let us not spare the widow, nor respect old age, white-haired with many years.
11 Let our might be the yardstick of right, since weakness argues its own futility.
12 Let us lay traps for the upright man, since he annoys us and opposes our way of life, reproaches us for our sins against the Law, and accuses us of sins against our upbringing.
13 He claims to have knowledge of God, and calls himself a child of the Lord.
14 We see him as a reproof to our way of thinking, the very sight of him weighs our spirits down;
15 for his kind of life is not like other people's, and his ways are quite different.
16 In his opinion we are counterfeit; he avoids our ways as he would filth; he proclaims the final end of the upright as blessed and boasts of having God for his father.
17 Let us see if what he says is true, and test him to see what sort of end he will have.
18 For if the upright man is God's son, God will help him and rescue him from the clutches of his enemies.
19 Let us test him with cruelty and with torture, and thus explore this gentleness of his and put his patience to the test.
20 Let us condemn him to a shameful death since God will rescue him -- or so he claims.'
21 This is the way they reason, but they are misled, since their malice makes them blind.
22 They do not know the hidden things of God, they do not hope for the reward of holiness, they do not believe in a reward for blameless souls.
23 For God created human beings to be immortal, he made them as an image of his own nature;
24 Death came into the world only through the Devil's envy, as those who belong to him find to their cost.

StevenD-Jasper said...

ahh, the old and tired anti-catholic columnn from the boring broadsheet. Hopefully they will be going out of business any minute now...