Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pierre Thomas of ABC and His Rat Story About an "Unarmed" Bomber "Shot" in "Violent Encounter"

I read Pierre Thomas' story today and couldn't help but wonder what kind of a scoundrel would make up a ridiculous pack of lies to slander a victim of a murdering terrorist.

If I didn't know any better and was reading Pierre Thoma's story, I would think Todashev was just sitting in a room, unarmed and as innocent as a lamb when all of a sudden, Todashev had a change in demeanor and the police shot out of their chairs to attack him and shoot him dead.

Ibragim Todashev, an Orlando, Fla., associate of one of the Boston bombing suspects, was not armed when he was involved an alleged violent confrontation with an FBI agent that resulted in Todashev being shot to death in his apartment, law enforcement sources told ABC News.....

Officials initially told ABC News and other news outlets that a knife was involved in the confrontation....

However, by the day after the shooting, officials noted there was confusion about whether a weapon was involved...

The investigation so far is showing there was an abrupt change in Todashev's demeanor and a physical confrontation ensued, sources said...
The next thing you know he was dead.

Thomas, the dirty rat, goes on to explain that while Todashev -who is trained in martial arts - was 'unarmed, it just so happens a samurai sword was in the room and the FBI agent was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

What yellow journalism.

It's like something you'd read in the bowels of a country with Taliban-controlled press.


Steve Dalton said...

Oh, these poor, innocent terrorists, how cruelly we treat them!

schmenz said...

My friend, with all due respect you do need to look a little deeper into this story. There are quite a few contradicitions emerging from law enforcement that do not have the right smell.

I know how easy it is to blame "the terrorists" for this or that crime but that should not keep us from searching for the truth about any given incident. In any case the death of this man, who might have taught us much, is a little bit too convenient. And given the direction of the fanatics who control WAshington we should always be more than a little wary of anything that comes from the mouths of those con artists.

Anonymous said...

the first victims of crazy islamists in america will be these america hating, yellow "journalists".

notice how he ignores the injury to the agent, the lunge, etc etc. blame america first! always!!

Anonymous said...

if this swarthy jihadist made one violent move toward the agent, yes, i hope they did shoot him dead on sight. more to come. america is waking up to these sharia loving, female oppressing, christian murdering, nut jobs.

susan said...

schmenz, you're right. There's too much that doesn't add up in this story....

TTC said...

Susan, Schmenz, much like the IRS, the FBI is being used against the citizens of the United States. But not all agents are involved in treason. There were Boston police and other law enforcement officials and stakeholders in the room with this liar and murderer.

If you read the story above, you will find this pawn of satan had been arrested twice before for lunging and attacking people over things as petty as a parking spot. You will also see he always blamed his victims.

What he did in the room that night was nothing new. He was cornered with the evidence of his three brutal murders on September 11, 2011. Rats do not like to be cornered. He lunged and attacked the FBI agent. The attack was violent enough to hospitalize the agent. These people think nothing of loading suicide bombs in their arse. Nobody in that room was obligated to let him take control and play out his cards.

There was nothing this liar and murderer could have or would have told in service to Americans.

We cannot and must not fall for or tolerate the American love affair with mass murderers. With Obama threatening "punishment" for Americans who say that islam is a political science whose mission is mass murder and violence, the country is a dangerous tipping point.

Stand up and fight.

susan said...

Carol, I have been standing up and fighting...and I know that islam is a demonic malignancy on the earth. But I've also been mightily awakened to the enemy within. We've got musloid brotherhood ilk at every, and I mean EVERY level of our government...I don't trust the musloid-in-chief or quite frankly any other aspect or branch of our federal govt.

I don't dispute that this sick perversion of a human being was a bad guy and a terrorist, but I think that perhaps he knew something that was very inconvenient to someone in a position of power. Our Libyan ambassador was set up for a hit because his knowledge was 'inconvenient' to the ones who wanted to keep that knowledge silent. That's not fringe conspiracy's become patently obvious that the embassy was a gun running base to the syrian rebels. And before anyone says, "that's crazy talk!", can you say 'fast and furious'?

Too much doesn't add up here either. We are in unprecedentedly dangerous times. Much that we knew is gone...the institutions that we could once trust unreservedly have become twisted corruptions. Don't trust everything you once did...there is much danger in that.

This is is all predicted...this is all foretold by the spotless One; the One Who will never change, nor be defiled.

TTC said...

Susan, this is where I am:

One would have to be both uninformed and a fool not to see the country is falling to the Communists. To anyone who has read the history of the commie ground game, it is textbook. The American flag has been lowered at one of our schools and the muslim flag lifted in its place. The Department of Justice is, this week, threatening to penalize those who say the muslims are are a murdering terrorist group.

The situation is grave. But at this point, the press who is publishing their propaganda is still more of a threat than the useful idiots drinking the koolaid. Most are just people who want to help the poor and oppressed but will not buy into Obama's radical agenda. But Obama doesn't know that. He thinks he has imported enough support to roll out the agenda and they are making mistakes that will backfire if we respond wisely. They tried to use Benghazi to roll out the beginning of sharia law--the forbidding of movies that describe the muslim mass murders of Christians all over the world--and it backfired. We have a series of overconfident moves by Obama that were not received well by Americans, even those in the press and his own party.

I do not think seeing everyone serving in our government as Obama's pawn is the way to go. We are nowhere near that point yet.

Each situation has to be scrutinized to see who the players are, what we know, what the press is not reporting to give it the spin, etc.

This is why I researched this cretin, and the story of who was in the room when it happened, what his history was, before commenting.

It is critical that we delay and impede them for as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

4 more years till Fatima 100th aniversary. Maybe if we impede we can last that long and Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and we will have peace and Mary will be victorious. If not all hell breaks loose. And Jesus comes to put a permenent end to it all.

Have fun impeding - all of them weeeeeee