Sunday, May 5, 2013

Vatican Prefect for Religious Was Skunked from LCWR Proceedings

Cry me a River.

At one point the cardinal even called for wide-ranging review of structures of church power.

“We are in a moment of needing to review and revision some things,” Braz de Aviz said. “Obedience and authority must be renewed, re-visioned.”

“Authority that commands, kills,” he continued. “Obedience that becomes a copy of what the other person says, infantilizes.”
In addition to Braz de Aviz' suggestion that obedience is killing their widdle infantile feewings, the article is loaded with juicy tidbits.

  • Cardinal Leveda was involved in the skunking.
  • Internal power struggles involve playing Rope a Dope with Pope.
  • He thinks he is playing the part of Saints Peter and Paul.
  • Out of the mouths of babes "The Holy Spirit wins".
  • Apostate nuns want meeting with Pope Francis to personally give him their talking points.
  • The nuns are misunderstood.  Very serious.
  • Pope Francis will give them a hug, but isn't going to change his mind.
  • Very big pain.  Very big.
  • New word for the Catholic dictionary, nuns are 'co-essential' for bishops.
  • Carballo is a bad news.
Also, here is fantastic news from the USCCB.


Steve Dalton said...

I don't know if this new hire is going to do the bishops any good. If the bishops keep going for style (looking good) rather than substance (doing good)nothing this lady can do for them is going to help.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll tell you--my money is still on the nuns. People like Pope Francis but no Cardinal or bishop is going to win them over against the old girls. And in the end there isn't much the Vatican can do to them. take away their canonical standing? I don't think they care. the way I see it is that they are dying out anyway, let them go in peace you kick them and you look bad

TTC said...

Yeah, Anon, LOL. The Vatican crackdown on the apostasy signals a victory for the Seahags. Winning!!!!

Anonymous said...

In re: the LCWR, we now have Pope Francis' address, full text here:

and discussion on Fr. Z's blog re the better translation of "feel" with the Church as "think, agree, accept" with the Church here:

And, IMHO the Holy Father has some seriously good chops when it comes to speaking the Truth in love. He doesn't dance around the essentials, not so much.

Of course, this probably marks the beginning of the end of the honeymoon with progressives.

Gotta microwave some more popcorn!


St. Albert said...

Well, in re the LCWR side of this post, we now have Pope Francis' speech to the IUSG, and he pretty much spells it out:

Note that, as discussed on Fr. Z's blog here,

the phrase "feeling with the Church" should better be translated "thinking with the Church" (along with other variants as appropriate).

Here's his conclusion:

----begin quote ---
Finally ecclesiality as one of the constitutive dimensions of consecrated life, a dimension that must constantly be taken up and deepened in life. Your vocation is an essential charism for the journey of the Church, and it is not possible that a consecrated woman and a consecrated man not “feel” along with the Church. A “feeling” along with the Church which was generated in us in our Baptism; a “feeling” with the Church which finds its filial expression in fidelity to the Magisterium, in communion with the pastors and the Successor of Peter, Bishop of Rome, the visible sign of unity. For every Christian, the proclamation and witnessing of the Gospel are never an isolated act. This is important. For every Christian the proclamation and witnessing of the Gospel are never an isolated or group act, and no evangelizers acts, as Paul VI reminded very well, "on the strength of a personal inspiration, but in union with the mission of the Church and in her name” (Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii nuntiandi, 80). And Paul VI continued: It is an absurd dichotomy to think of living with Jesus without the Church, of following Jesus outside of the Church, of loving Jesus without loving the Church (cf. Ibid., 16). Feel the responsibility you have to take care of the formation of your Institutes in the healthy doctrine of the Church, in love of the Church and in the ecclesial spirit.

In sum, centrality of Christ and of his Gospel, authority as service of love, “to feel” in and with the Mother Church: three pointers I wish to leave with you, to which I now add once again gratitude for your work, which is not always easy. What would the Church be without you? She would lack maternity, affection, tenderness! A Mother’s intuition.

Dear Sisters, be certain that I follow you with affection. I pray for you, but you also pray for me. Greet your communities on my behalf, especially the sick and young Sisters. I send all my encouragement to follow with parresia and joy the Gospel of Christ. Be joyful, because it is beautiful to follow Jesus, it is beautiful to become living icons of Our Lady and of our hierarchic Holy Mother Church. Thank you.

--- end quote ---

but read the whole thing. The Holy Father has got some major chops when it comes down to speaking the Truth in love! He don't mince words. He don't dance around the point. Or so it seems to me.