Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cardinal O'Malley Bans Dissident Priest Schuller

Wow.  He did it!

I am stunned.

What a gift to St. Susanna's parishioners who have been grossly misled from the Body and Blood of Christ.

What a gift to the priest and deacon.  With a bolt of lightening, they were awakened with the choice between life and death.

Some at St. Susanna’s parish are reportedly upset and a bit confused. Deacon Bloom says this is the first time they’ve been ordered to cancel one of their many talks. When asked if the parish regularly hosts speakers who espouse dissident positions, Bloom responded, “Oh yeah.”

Deacon Bloom told LifeSiteNews.com that the talk has not been cancelled altogether, but instead has been moved off of archdiocesan property.

Bloom went on to say it is a pity all of Schuller's good ideas are now banned.   People are very troubled about the ideas the Church has, and Fr. Josoma brings people to give his parishioners the talking points on why the Church is in error.

Deacon Bloom - a word to the wise:  Loose lips sink ships.

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