Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Middleboro High Abuse of a Child and Disrespect of Women

In Middleboro, if you dress up to attract the kind of sexual partner you'd like to attract, you can be crowned prom queen.

Nothing against the kid himself, who is clearly a victim of the culture and irresponsible adults in his community, but the ideology behind the crowing of an individual who is costumed up to befriend the person he wishes to have a sexual relationship with, is profoundly disturbing.

Will next year's prom queen be dressed like a prostitute?

Who was the king?   The young man who slept with the most underage children at the school?

What is the matter with these adults?

Do they not realize that the actions of children can be sexually predatory?

 Rather than getting this  young man the spiritual, psychological and medical help he needs, the staff at Middleboro high school crowned Quasimodo as prom queen, burdening him with consequences.

How the adults can sleep at night, crowning their negligence and neglect of this young man in this way, is beyond me.

It is reprehensible.

I do not believe I have ever read a more despicable insult to the magnificent beauty, femininity and God-given gift of woman.

What are the young women to believe about themselves if this counterfeit representation of  "woman" is the definition of femininity, grace and beauty to this community?

What shall young female children in Middleboro aspire to become?

 I am beside myself to realize that these irresponsible, insulting adults would caricature woman as throwing a wig, lipstick and a dress on whatever you wish and you have created a woman.

 A woman is a creation of God that is designed to receive life and give it back to God. Our features are beautiful and designed with the alluring sensuality that attracts her husband. She guards and reserves her sexuality to please only him and her God.

A woman serves her family, friends, community, instinctively observing their needs.

 We are creatures that no cheap trick could ever come close to imitating.

 This macabre display is proof positive that public schools are gone to the dogs.


Steve Dalton said...

It used to be, you had to be a football hero to go out with pretty girls. Now, what will the football hero do?

Anonymous said...

Carol, usually I don't agree with your religious/political views, but in this case, yes, I think what this silly ditz is doing is extremely insulting to women. I don't understand how people who should know better (the principal, et al.) are OK with this, think it's cool, whatever.


Anonymous said...

One other thing: I'm not a lawyer but I wouldn't refer to the "prom queen" as a "sexual predator". Just sayin'.


TTC said...


You don't have to be a lawyer or a rocket scientist to understand how even a child can be a sexual predator.

Putting on a costume to inspire and lure peers into promiscuous sex is predatory.

In fact, in the world of theology, anyone and everyone pursuing objects of their sexual desire is predatory.

Unless you are married to the person, when you are sexually attracted to a person, the right thing to do is to leave them in their state of purity.

You never tell them.

You never tell others.

You don't wear your sexuality on sleeve and you certainly don't dress up in a costume that screams and advertises your on the market with your sexual preferences. That is predatory.