Monday, July 1, 2013

Another Catholic Priest Beheaded in Syria - Obama is paying for this

Obama's militia have beheaded another Catholic priest in Syria.


aly said...

I hate sounding like an Obama apologist because I Am Not! But this is a continuation of American
Foreign Policy that has been in place for a long time. Of course it was ramped up following 9-11.
And when Obama took the reigns so to speak it was ramped down. Neither approach has yielded success. Until the Near Writ in Stone American Policy changes we will have a continuation. Redundantcy .

suan said...

I think what Carol is saying is that these are the non-Syrian rebels that Obama has specifically and pointedly pledged and sent money and arms to, openly, as of a couple of weeks ago. These are the same jihadist 'rebels' that have been slaughtering Christians by the hundreds for months, and now they're doing it on our dime and with our impimatur, officially, under Omaba's (and thus the US') aegis. He's taken a very clear side here (just as he did with Morsi in Egypt) with the worst-of-the-worst, whose priorities seem to lie with first-and-foremost obliterating Christians and their culture. Everything today is reading too much like an R.H. Benson novel--spiritually dangerous times.