Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cardinal O'Malley's Recorded Complaints Line for Priestly Misconduct

This has been going on a while and I just didn't have the stomach to face.

Let's role play.

Let's say you are a Cardinal appointed to a city in New England that has been infested by the devil.

The majority of your priests are gay. The majority of those are sexually active. Some shacked up with their lovers. Others cruising gay bars. A few even cruising highway rest stops. One even featured in a gay porn novel with the pet name of Butterballino.

They have been defiantly feeding your flock the virtue of clapping fornication. Most have been cut off from Sanctifying Grace are in pursuit of sin and the gutter. As a result, your Churches are empty.

The Catholics who somehow made it through the gauntlets of your wayward priests report their scandals and undisciplined behavior with the expectation that you will take the actions necessary to stop the conduct of the spiritually, emotionally and mentally ill and wayward priest.

What do you do?

Listen attentively, in good faith and investigate and take the actions necessary including removal of the priest for intensive therapy if warranted, to stop his perversions?


Put up a blog post that caricatures the whistleblowers as people doing a disservice to the Church?

Have your Communications Peeps publish a press release saying the Cardinal Archbishop has reviewed the teachings of Fr. Aphrodisiac, they are wonderful and have his confidence and he sends his best wishes to the people of our lady of the Matress?

Surround yourself, appoint, promote and advance priests with long history of teaching sin as virtue, lies as truth and death as life?

Man the phone lines with gay men and women who no speaksa da English?

When all that doesn't work, refer Catholics reporting scandals to a 'recorded comments' line.

When your local priest is promoting fornication, sin, death and destruction to your children and loved ones, they are not even bothering pretending they care, are listening and will do something about it.

In their kindness, they set up an empty phone line so you can vent your frustration.

Do you think this signals the end of receiving the patronizing and insulting template letters from Fr. Kickham telling us the Cardinal thanks us for our concern and we have his prayers?

Do you think they realize slandering us on the Cardinal's blog and Boston Globe was a bust?

I am taking up the effort to get this shut down.

If they don't shut it down, I am organizing protests.


Anonymous said...

What? Where?

TTC said...

Ha ha.

susan said...

"...One even featured in a gay porn novel with the pet name of Butterballino."


"I am taking up the effort to get this shut down.
If they don't shut it down, I am organizing protests."


Anonymous said...

Some good news, although I think there is more than meets the eye (

Mary Grassa O’Neill, the first lay superintendent of Catholic schools in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, will step down next month after five years.

O’Neill, who is also the education secretary, said that she decided to leave the system after her five-year contract expired in June and that she will be looking for a position outside the district.

Describing her tenure as exhilarating and challenging, she said she is leaving the school system in a stronger place than when she took over in 2008.

“I came here to work for five years for the cardinal,’’ said O’Neill. “And the time has flown by. I had to decide if I should stay or make a change.”

TTC said...

She came here five years ago to work for the Cardinal.

Work. For the Cardinal.

That what she came here to do?

That explains why Catholic schools went from being institutions to train Catholics theology, morality and the salvation of souls to an infrastructure that dumbs them down, silences Church teaching and demoralizes.


Is she saying these were the Cardinal's ideas?

TTC said...


Unfortunately yes, Butterballino is real.

Would you be surprised to know he finds favor with the Cardinal?

Anonymous said...


"Fr. Butterballino" is written up in a non-fiction memoir written by a writer of gay porn. NON-FICTION MEMOIR.

Fr. B used to go to gay weddings and offer up blessings to the newlyweds. Unofficially, of course.

BCI published a blog post on the Boston archdiocese's gay mafia. Someone looked at the book, made a few deductinos and printed the real name of Butterballino in the comments.

BUT FR. B is still in "good standing" in a cushy job in a wealthy suburb.

All of which proves Carol's point: YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

Not Your Average Fool said...

Butterballino was given a parish the very wealthy suburb of Concord and is on Cardinal Sean's list of "untouchables", i.e., people who can think, say and do anything they want without ramification and with the promise that the Cardinal, who is described as his personal friend, will protect him.

Funny thing is, the list of untouchables are all gay.

It is a puzzle!

breathnach said...

The same depravity is still flourishing in Rome. Have a look at Pope Francis' mew appointee: Monsignor Battista Ricca.

This lovely lad, as a Vatican diplomat, had a gay old time with his lover, a Swiss Army captain, while on assignment in Uruguay. Later he was trapped on an elevator (returning to his quarters) for many hours with a homosexual prostitute. He was ushered out of Uruguay and the lavender mafia purged his personnel file and he was soon reborn and put in charge of several visiting Cardinal's residences in Rome. Laughably the lavender mafia built up this corrupt fraud as a "moralizer" and something of a "hard liner". Apparently he impressed the current Pope, who believed he was the right guy for the IOR. It seems Pope Francis was blindsided by all this history and was reminded by priests, nuns and bishops in South America, who aren't as naive about the lavender mafia. All of this happening shortly after Pope Francis mentioned a "gay lobby" in the Vatican.

All the gruesome details are at :

and at the RORATE Caeli website

susan said...

OH dear Lord have mercy on your poor beaten and abused flock. Just when you think things can't get uglier...

and Breathnach, I think the Bishop of Rome knew a lot more a lot earlier than the article in your link states....see this...

breathnach said...

Susan thanks for the link. The Pope seems to be taking the same course as his buddy Cardinal O'Malley in Boston: pretend to see no evil and put on "the poor mouth". It's very troubling that the aim of Pope Francis is to remain quiet on the moral issues and defer to the local bishops. He will speak in platitudes and let "collegiality" rule. We all know that has been the goal of the "progressives" for 60 years.