Monday, July 8, 2013


Boston Catholics were very upset to learn that Carney Hospital foisted a we are having sex and proud of it flag on top of a beloved hospital that has served the poor for decades.

Carney Hospital is part of the Caritas healthcare system which Cardinal Sean claimed would retain its Catholic identity when he sold it to Cerebus.

The outcome of that assertion was predictable.

I don't even get it.

A sex flag?

It's a hospital.

Are they renting rooms by the hour?

The Jesuits marking their territory?

A hospital is a place where very sick people go to seek testing and treatment. It's a place where people hear devestating news. It a place where people suffer excrutiating pain. It's a place where we crawl to our cars carrying the earthshattering grief after holding the hands of our dying relatives and people we love. It is a place where the axis of our world shifts violently.

Flying a flag about cultural orgies is jaw-dropping insensitive and vulgar.

What is the sick, in pain, suffering, grief stricken observer supposed to infer from the sex flag?

Forget about your dying child and join a sex pride parade.

Freek you and your pain too. Sex pride on the rooftop.

In case it isn't obvious, I find this as tasteless and offensive as the hospital staff doing a striptease and masturbating in the presence of a family afer telling them they are going to lose their father or mother.

Get it?

A hospital is a place where your conduct respects the suffering and grief of the people occupying the space.

It isn't a place to hang your dildos.


Lynne said...

Standing headline--> "Boston Catholics were very upset to learn that..." "Who cares?!" says the Pastoral Center at 666 Brooks Drive so long as they continue to "pay, pray and obey"

Anonymous said...

Saint Peter’s Healthcare System [in New Brunswick, New Jersey]- a Catholic institution – announced it is conducting a study in cooperation with the Rutgers University School of Social Work to explore ways to help families adjust to the news that their son or daughter is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

Anonymous said...

More madness in "Catholic" hospital and healthcare facilities"

Catholic Health Association: HHS Birth Control/Sterlization/Abortifacient Mandate is Just Fine

TTC said...

It looks like the program at St Peter's has the objective of brainwashing family members into the sins of omission, convincing them their role in the mess is ceasing to explain abstinence and celibacy are their only answers to attractions to act on sinful lust.

It is the devil adding more bricks to his pile.