Sunday, July 21, 2013

NYC's Bloomberg Bans Food Donations to Homeless

The cruelty is just brutal.

His obsession with the eradication of fat people has driven him to starve homeless people.

This from a man who is selling cigarettes which give hundreds of thousands of people in his city cancer. The suffering and cost of medical care for addicts of cigarettes is astronomical.

But fat people are ugly and we must eradicate them, even if we have to starve homeless people.

Charity like this comes from hell.


Beefy Levinson said...

Hello there. I found your blog through googling "Mark Shea is a heretic" ;)

TTC said...

Hi Beefy, welcome !!

The Internet is a small world!

Anonymous said...

I prefer to call Shea "Captain Calumny", especially after his ranting against people's writings without reading them. Besides, "Captain Calumny" goes well with corpulent, caustic, capricious and carking when using alliteration (it goes with Catholoc too but I prefer not to use that word to describe him ).

TTC said...

Captain Calumny suits the situation perfectly. Thanks for sharing!

Anyone reading since the last announcement that he was changing his ways? I wondered if it was real this time. I thought I saw something passive aggressive about how the covert operations of police and military were lies and sins and prohibited by the magisterium. I didn't read the rest but wondered if it went for Abby Johnson's throat, same old?

Is it a new wine skin or is he up to his old tricks?

TTC said...

n. b . In the event somebody ever reads this who is not educated in Catholicism, The undercover work of police, fire, military or investigating corruption without the knowledge of the suspect is absolutely not prohibited by the Magisterium.

Captain Calumny fabricates his own theology and then uses the fabrication to dishonor the heroic and elite of Christ's warriors.

Beefy Levinson said...

I didn't mean to hijack the post for something off topic, but I've had the honor of being banned from his blog twice because I am both a self-identified Traditionalist and a fan of Michael Voris, heh.

TTC said...

No Worries Beefy.

TTC is more of a freestyle space but without the shenanigans of dissent. A dissent-free zone for the most part, unless I feel like I should let one slip through and respond in pastoral outreach to straighten a crooked line for the person or for others who may come across the post.

I host, but have many readers who are faithful, well-educated, bright, funny and smarter than I!

It is probably 1/2 TLM and half NO, but the NO folks are quite aware of the problems and have stayed to be a nudge, a pain in the neck, a snitch, a whistleblower - and to hold the bishops feet to the fire. To document, to send to Rome and appeal for intercession. For the sake of the souls under the tutelage of the misguided.


TTC said...

ps - we love Voris here. Huge supporters and defenders.

Banned twice, eh?

You are doing something right. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Doomberg's food donation ban is despicable. It seems all progressives want people totally dependent on government for everything. This trend is going on in other "progressive" run major cities too

Why are so many people voting for these dopes?

susan said...

In re Beefy's comments... I've just been banned at Shea's blog for telling him (very nicely, seriously) that his tone is neither new nor changed.

Sad really, particularly when he teaches a lot of heresy.

TTC said...

You were banned?

Wow. That's too bad as I know you were convinces of his sincerity and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt.

His last attempt to convince us all that he had seen the damage he was doing and would change his ways was like being forced to watch a bad movie you have seen too many times and you know the ending. His insincerity was as plain as the nose on his face to me.

EWTN, at this point, is spiritually negligent for retaining him. To both him and. The victims of his heresy, calumny and bullying.

He has spiritual and emotionally issues that are habitual and he has repeatedly proven that he is unwilling to stop.

Anonymous said...

Check this thread from a Traditional Catholic blog about Captain Calumny's latest tirade,

They make valid points about him and certainly don't fit the loony image he paints.

I think he enjoys controversy. It definitely gets him blog hits and that's the life blood of full-time bloggers. His top ten threads (a few months ago when last bothered to read his blather) were mostly Voris bashing or accusing TLM-goers of being Jew haters.

What a sad person corpulent caustic capricious captain calumny is. Does he have children?

TTC said...

I don't know anything about the recent writings of Catholic Answers and I would be surprised and disappointed to hear they are off of the reservation. I also know nothing about the individual named Sungenis but the posts cited in Shea's piece are disturbing.

It is very interesting that Shea starts off the post saying how welcoming he is. Why...he welcomes everyone. Who among us, he says, could ever take a position on which sinners are unwelcomed.

It's almost as if he is suffering from a severe case of amnesia relative to the twenty years he spent attacking Catholics faithful to the Magisterium as no good liars and bums.

But it isn't amnesia. Because with the very next breath, he explains everyone is welcome with the exception of poisonous Catholics. Bad Catholics. Veddy veddy bad Catholics.

Catholics Shea said he was 'sick of': Catholics who attend the Latin Mass.

Why of course!

The Latin Mass is filled with corrupt narcissists who hate the Jews, Shea said.

That would be diametrically opposed to the corrupt narcissists who hate faithful Catholics on Patheos?

Shea continued to explain that people who attend the Latin Mass are spiritually blind gnats and camels who are frequently repellant.

Buzz off, he said.

Tell me, what was your favorite line?

This was mine:

"Indeed, it’s a problem that tends to plague that subculture of Catholics whose gravest concern is kicking out other Catholics deemed to be impure."

Let's start a list of Shea's subculture of kicking out Catholic he deems to be impure:

Catholics who blow the whistle on Episcopal and presbyteral corruption.
Catholics who correct errors and dissent
Catholics who won't take Communion in their hand
Catholics who drop a dime on Liturgical antics of Fr. Sissiass.
Catholics who criticize Shea
Catholics who criticize crackpots.
Police detectives and covert military operators
Catholics who attend TLM
Michael Voris
Fr. Peter West
Abby Johnson

I know I am forgetting a couple of thousand.

This guys whole shtick is inciting malice against Catholics he finds impure.

The duplicity is breathtaking.

TTC said...

I remembered two more - Fr. Corapi and Fr. Euteneur. Two heterosexuals who fell into the pit of temptation and sin.

You know who among us would point the finger and say their sin makes them impure 'frauds' who should be thrown out?