Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pope Tells us to Make a Big Mess

Here's some interviews with youth who heard the Pope tell them to make a big fugatz.

The message was received.

Some said they thought Francis wanted them to object more forcefully when taught ideas that clash with church doctrine. Others said it meant hitting the streets and pushing for social change....

"If in my biology class they speak about abortion, I should raise my hand and say I don't believe in that," said Maria Alejandrina de Dicindio, a 54-year-old Argentine catechism teacher who had traveled to Rio to see her pope, a fellow Argentine. "The youth should open their mouths when it's their turn."

His final message: "Don't forget: make trouble."

We start right at the front door of the Chancery!


susan said...

unbelievable!...who didn't see this coming from that speech? And it doubly torques me off because as a catechist I'm one of those peons sweating in the vineyard trying to clean up the mess and straighten out the dissent and disorder he's charging them to do! Unbefreakin-leivable!

Mrs. Rudd said...

Friend Susan, when your class takes this to believe that they can do as they please, remind them that the Pope has not told them to dissent from church teaching, but FOR church teaching. When they are taught that abortion is not only right but a right, they must stand up and say no, it is neither. When they are told that the old are useless and should be put out of their (our) misery, they should stand up for the elderly as well. And loudly! And use that amazing youthful energy to get complacent adults off their glutei maximi!

(this will probably get them persecuted in our civilized country)

Indeed, this will be the basis for my lesson on Monday. "The Holy Father tells you to be noisy for Jesus"; trust me, 8th graders don't need an excuse to be noisy.

You and I need to channel that propensity for noise in the right direction.

Mrs. Rudd

Anonymous said...

Please do not be discouraged Susan by the "make a mess" statement.... we NEED people like you!

I do not have the courage or the talent to do what you do. We NEED you there for when we make a mess more will come to you. When we stop being SILENT as the heretics in parishes demand and as our politicians, courts, and schools demand - then more will come to you to be saved by Jesus.

The heretics do not want a mess - they want SILENCE.

The New World Order Obama-Bush Tyranny do not want a mess - Mr. Snowden saw treason and he made a mess.

Fr. Heretic does not want you making a mess - that is exactly why he must expect us!