Thursday, August 8, 2013

Breaking News: Pope Issues Edict for Holy See to Stop Financing Financial Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Fr. Z has the breaking news.

That's groovy.

I think I'd put this one in the category of I don't want to know the details.

The comments on Fr. Z's post are priceless.

"One of the greatest weapons of Mass destruction: Felt banners.



JB said...

This keeps getting worse and worse.

breathnach said...

Pope Mumbles Menino-master of the the empty PC gesture....

Anonymous said...

This pope is a complete vulgarian.


Maria said...

Now, if they would just demand that priests teach everyone the faith...I wish the Society was less concerned about money and social justice and more concerned about the salvation of our souls. They never seems concerned about catechizing anyone, do they?

TTC said...

Maria, nice to see you - hope you are well.

Their idea of catechesis is recruiting and employing people who reject the Catechism so they'll teach our children to reject it too.