Saturday, August 17, 2013

Obama's Islamic State in Egypt

This is a well-written story about the government Obama was trying to put into power in Egypt.

The story claims Christians would be 'protected'-which is a blatant lie and the author speaks of a 'brutal crackdown' against the tyrtants, but the government the president was funding is spelled out in black and white.

Egypt is threatening to outlaw Obama-funded 'muslim brotherhood', which a thinly-veiled name for al queada.

My curiosity on how it all went south is killing me!


Anonymous said...

Raymond Ibrahim has good site on Middle East. In Irish Times article, "Protected" Christians and Jews -- really? more like genocide: . Good book "Crucified Again - Exposing Islam's New War on Christianity" by Raymond Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

What's become clearer is that continued US assistance to whatever group is in power in Egypt at a given time is essentially tied to one thing: maintenance of the Israel-Egypt peace treaty. If the group in power is not likely to blow that up, the US is going to continue to be in this situation, regardless of who is president, because this is the decision of our politico-miltary-security establishment (the "deep state"). Be it Romney or Obama or Bush 43 or Clinton or Bush 41. That's the ultimate "logic" involved here.