Thursday, September 12, 2013

Did the Vatican's Secretary of State say that Church teaching on celibacy is his biggest challenge?

Much ado about nothing.

It seems, however, that the NBC news version is an exaggeration of the actual words of the Secretary of State, who merely stated the obvious in an interview to Venezuelan paper El Universal. The celibate priesthood, he said, "is not a dogma of the Church [quite true] and it can be discussed because it is an ecclesiastical tradition", but "it cannot simply be said that it belongs to the past".

BTW - I see Rorate shut off comments. Ugh. The commentary there was magnificent and informative. I'm bummed.

I digress.

The media still seems to be under some kind of spell, but is now bending its knee to Christ's Church.

It is fascinating.

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Mike Hurcum said...

Of course it is one of his biggest challengies. It is one of the worlds major thrusts against us. We loose this one to hellish pressure the rest of our dogma will fall quite easily