Sunday, September 22, 2013

Early Fruit from a Pope who calls Commandments against murder and adultery "small-minded rules".

Our colleague Julie at Catholic Corner has some citations from the thugs who have been successful in keeping two generations of Catholics from hearing the teachings of the Church.

The fruit of Pope Francis.

The “Catholics United” group came out with:

PRESS RELEASE: Pope to Right-Wingers: I’m Not One of You

Posted September 19, 2013

In startlingly honest interview, Pope confirms he believes the “imbalance” caused by the far right is damaging to the reputation of the churchWASHINGTON—Today, lay Catholics across the world are celebrating a wide-ranging interview given by Pope Francis to 17 Jesuit-affiliated periodicals. In the interview, published in English by the Catholic magazine America, Francis articulates his vision of moving the priorities of the Catholic faith away from divisive social issues, like what he calls an “obsession” with gay marriage, abortion and contraception, while refocusing on core Gospel teachings relating to poverty.In the interview, found at America’s website,, Pope Francis makes a number of statements that provide hope to lay Catholics who want a church more rooted in social justice values [end- full story in links below]

And this one from a “Catholics United” Fox News Contributor who wrote the above article: …

Thank God -- Pope Francis tells Catholics they need an attitude adjustment

By James Salt

Published September 20, 2013

[In part] “Lay Catholics across the world are celebrating a wide-ranging interview given by Pope Francis to 17 Jesuit-affiliated periodicals. In the interview, published in English by the Catholic magazine America, Francis offers us some of his most startling thoughts, such that our church needs an attitude adjustment and should be more in tune with the needs of the laity.And most notably, he suggests the Catholic Church has become obsessed with divisive social issues like abortion, gay marriage and contraception. In his own words, he suggests that reducing the faith to these issues threatens to collapse the “moral edifice” of the Church and fails to honor the “full fragrance of the Gospel.”To be clear, Francis is not suggesting a change in Catholic teaching. Instead, he is suggesting we must revisit how our teachings are manifested. Rather than leading the culture war against abortion, gay marriage and contraception, perhaps, he suggests, the church would be better served by walking with those who are struggling with these very human conditions. Instead of judging people with the rigidity of doctrine, why don’t we minister to their needs?The pope’s comments are groundbreaking because of their stark contrast with what we’ve been hearing from the American Catholic bishops lately.”

[More from the same article]

“And this trend offers hope to more than just Catholics. As many fallen away Catholics find renewed hope in a church institution that has lost relevance, so, too, can conservatives learn to be more responsible in how they govern.Francis offers conservative lawmakers a roadmap for how to regain credibility. Instead of embracing socially-divisive issue campaigns, perhaps the conservative movement would be better served by focusing on what can unite us.What if, like Francis, they led by example?Perhaps a more humble, less strident approach would help people better understand the merits of their argument.So this Sunday, I expect to see more faces of formerly lost sheep in the pews. I know many of my progressive friends are planning to give Sunday services a second look. Let’s hope priests and bishops take Francis’ advice and welcome them with open arms.” [Link below]

And here we were worried about Obama paying terrorists to murder Christians all over the world.

The enemies within the 'field hospital' have taken up their swords to slay the living Word of the Magisterium and faithful Catholics who had been gathered in the pews to be taught to live by it.

This is precisely what we can expect in every parish in the world from those poised into positions to kill what is left of the teaching of our religion.

n.b. Pope Francis battle against teaching our people the Commandments and their Faith has the stink of Boston all over it.


Theresa said...

Not too long ago my husband and I invited his parents to attend the TLM with us . My mother in laws response was its too narrow minded . There are a lot of eighty somethings out there who are going to find the Bishop of Rome right up their alley....I think your spot on about Boston.....what a curia we`re going to have. I hope we don`t have to listen to a lot of spin at the TLM ...I`ll be so deeply saddened.....but then it is an Archdiocesan parish.

patrick said...

I am always suspicious of someone
who promotes his own humility. It's antithetical as well as disingenuous.

"FRANCIS the Fraud's" game plan is to discourage the faithful by turning the media heat up on them. The whisper of Satan is "oh come on you really don't believe that?". "And anyway the new Pope is changing it".

He has been signaling the media that he will not defend the truth of what the Church teaches.

Where are we to turn when the Vicar of Christ fails to defend the "words of eternal life"?

Vatican 2 gives power to the laity to speak out. John Paul 2 started his papacy by saying "Be not Afraid!"

Anonymous said...

'cardinal Sean' is one of Francis top advisors.

The new Pope plans to divide the Church and
cut out the ruling authority of Rome so as to
enable local bishops .

Whatever his motives may be this alleged reform
will divide the Church and enable the dissenters
and the Pope will just ignore the pleas of faithful.

peter said...

The sadness is that the lost sheep remain lost
until someone tells the the truth of Christ which
is not to affirm their ways. But to bring the hope
of things unseen not cheap feel good psycobabble.

The path is narrow like the eye of the needle.
Oprah's and Whoopie's are wide and tolerent
to everything but hard truth.

People will walk away from the Church and she
will lose members as she did during the 60's and
70's. Francis is on the wrong path - the wide one
so broad and flat and banal!

Genuine persons are looking for hard truth something to live up to and all they get from
Francis types is

peter said...


Kd said...

Gateway Pundit reported on September 24, 2013:

Last week, an interview with Pope Francis was published by the National Catholic Review called “America Magazine”. In the interview, the Pope spoke of balance in the Catholic Church and the importance of speaking not just what we are against, such as gay marriage and abortion, but to also speak on the Gospel and what we stand for in our faith. Some media outlets on the left and those at were quick to pin the Pope as a “flaming liberal” and took the Pope’s words as acceptance of abortion and gay marriage. Shortly after the interview was released, Pope Francis came out to publicly condemn abortion as evidence of a “throwaway culture.” The Pope said:

“Every unborn child, though unjustly condemned to be aborted, has the face of the Lord, who even before his birth, and then as soon as he was born, experienced the rejection of the world.”

To further show his support of Catholic values, Pope Francis has now defrocked and excommunicated a priest in Melbourne, Australia, because of his support of gay marriage and women in the clergy.

The Telegraph reported:

From all of last week’s headlines saying that the Pope wants to forget this nonsense about abortion and gays, you’d imagine that Germaine Greer had been elected to run the Catholic Church. Actually what the Pope was saying was that he wants the Church to talk more about what it’s for than what it’s against. But that doesn’t mean it won’t still be against those things that contradict its teachings and traditions.

Just ask Greg Reynolds of Melbourne – a priest who appears to have been both defrocked and excommunicated because of his radical views on women clergy and gay marriage. From Australia’s The Age:

The excommunication document – written in Latin and giving no reason – was dated May 31, meaning it comes under the authority of Pope Francis who made headlines on Thursday calling for a less rule-obsessed church.

The document might give no explicit reason, but the reason is implicit and well understood: Reynolds has offended Mother Church with his politics. It’s interesting to note that the former priest tells The Age that he “wants the same thing as the Pope” which is “to encourage reform and clear need for renewal in the church.” I read from this that Reynolds has, like many liberals, misunderstood Francis’ words. Structural reform is clearly necessary to prevent future horrors like the child abuse scandal, and renewal is something that Christians always desire. But Reynolds would throw out Catholic doctrine – something Francis would never do because he is, despite the best wishes of so many in the media, a Catholic. His treatment of Reynolds proves that point.

Sorry Libs, this Pope is conservative.