Monday, September 2, 2013

Ten things Christians should say more often..says HuffPo

Ten things Christians should say more often.

I'm going from memory here, but let me recap.

1. Ruh-oh.
2. Really?
3. There is pain and alienation in truth and certainty.
4. I dunno, whatever you say.
5. That's a crying shame but I'm not going to respond.
6. Stinks to be you.
7. Howza bout dems Red Sox.
8. I love you, St. Paul tells us to forget about the spirit-killing mantra of the Church so...let me show you what I'd like to try.

And my favorite: If you want to learn Christianity, you have to ask non-Christians to teach it to you.

Get it?

I'd say these talking points were written by the luminaries in some Chancery.

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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

I read it. At best it's just a bunch of touchy-feely crap. Isn't just adorable when atheists try to tell us how to be Christians? In other words, they try to mold Jesus into their own warped conceptions and then tell us to imitate it. That is, just obey their dictates.