Monday, September 2, 2013

Traditional Catholicism

I think my regular readers know this, but I wanted to say it again.

I have never liked the word 'traditional Catholic' as it has been used to smear and tarnish the reputations of Catholics who are faithful to Church authority and teaching but needed to get away from the antics of the gross abandonment of the salvation of souls in the United States for the last 40 years.

I know many and myself have thought about seeking refuge in motu proprio from time to time.

Because Pope John Paul II generation is now ordained, the situation has improved in Boston. We are still oppressed, and the power of the corrupt mafia of priests still exists, but the situation has improved and I remain in the local parish community.

I understand and have been very supportive of the TLM community. I have many TLM readers and link to several TLM sites.

The word 'trad' is thrown around by the patheos crowd to convey the entire TLM community is sedevacanist, angry, anti-Semite, etc.

Every one of us have been scandalized by what has been going on over the last 40 years.

For those of us who will never abandon Christ's Church, God has seen us through it and He will continue to see us through. The Deposit of Faith is magnificent. I am in love with it. Do not lose sight of It in the chaos around us.

Listen, I think what Fr. Longenecker did was a gross violation of his duty as a priest. He is using his roman collar to wound the unity of the Church and the wingnuts at patheos are clapping him on. I am sorry that this happened. Do not fall into despair or let the fruit of what he did lead you astray.

We are heading into another chapter of the history of humanity. The harvesting of souls. The collection. The separation of the goats from the sheep right before our eyes. It is devastating to watch. Frustrating as an evangelist, as a parent, a relative and friend.

This period may last hundreds or thousands of years. Who knows.

We can't stop it. We have to roll with it. Each one of us will be tempted in unpredictable ways. Keep on your toes.

We are all sitting on the edge of our seats wondering who and what the Pope is, what his driving force is and where he is going to take the train.

I am confident that the Holy Spirit is behind him.

But let me say this: Even if it turns out he is driving souls to their trainwreck, our path does not change. We are connected to the Deposit of Faith because Christ said He will render His judgment on our soul based upon fidelity to it, irrespective of what we think about it. Whether we understand it, like it or we don't.

Let it all rip.

We are connected to the Deposit of Faith and the Sacraments of Christ Church. Christ said He will render His judgments on our salvation based upon the Deposit of Faith.

If you are tempted to despair or see anyone else tempted to despair or tempting others to despair and seek refuge in the sedevacanists whose despair has led them to supersede the authority of Christ's Church, make a good faith effort to show them the path. If they continue - do not walk, run.

Please keep all those tempted to despair in our prayers.

Christ's Church is the price of our soul's salvation. Tie yourself to It and ride out the storm come what may.

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