Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Triumphalist Christians - Who dat?

TLM community is getting all worked up, but...I just can't get to indignation with them on this one.

Do you really think the Pope is saying that Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is among a schmorgashboard of equal religions?

What TLM community does not believe in the Resurrection?

Come on kiddies.

He's saying no matter how many people surround our wagons to murder us, no matter how bad it looks and gets - don't lose hope, we don't have to worry about any of it because the victory was won by the Resurrection of Christ and will in the future be won by the Resurrection of Christ. His Church is the Resurrection. The teachings of His Church are the Resurrection. The Sacraments of His Church are the Resurrection.

He is saying there is many a fool who, instead of knowing and believing the above, are all wound up in their own intellect, thoughts, words, deeds and power.

He is not speaking of the Sacred Liturgies of the Church.

He's talking about the people who subvert the Sacred Rites with asinine innovations, puppets, pride in rolling like thunder under the covers themed Masses, nuns on the bus and the women with inferiority complexes who boo-hoo about women 'priest' movements.

His train of thought is continued from HERE.

As a general rule of thumb, if one is in need of explanation about anything having to do with the Catholic Church, If Fr. James Martin was the last person on earth, one should not pay any more attention to his crackpot interpretations than one would rely on a broken compass to find your way to the North Pole.


Anonymous said...

"He's talking about the people who subvert the Sacred Rites with asinine innovations, "

Like using moslem women to represent the apostles during the Holy Thursday foot washing ceremony? Innovators like that? Yeah, nothing to worry about, we are in the New Springtime (vers. 3.0).

TTC said...

That pales in comparison to the heretics involved in SSPX.

You seem to want to leverage the media circus around what the Pope considered to be a private Mass at a prison to validate the sedevacanists.

Can't get there from here.

JB said...

It's not clear to me what he means. He has a muddled way of expressing ideas that is unfortunate. To suggest that traditional Catholics don't believe in the Resurrection is ridiculous, so I don't know who he is talking about.

Another good reason for him to stop his off the cuff sermons. He is not a college chaplain.

breathnach said...

I come down with JB on this one. I was baffled by his statement. The word "triumphalism" has a history in the post Vatican II lexicon. In the pre Vat II era a "triumphant" Church was often invoked, in the post Vat II era "triumphant" was used as an epithet by the dissenters and their enablers against faithful Catholics. The Pope needs to self-edit or his sloppy phraseology will continue to confuse and cause suspicion.

TTC said...


The fact that the context of his drivel appears to contradict Church teaching and is appalling and disconcerting to faithful Catholics is indisputable.

I don't like the show, but what he says and what he does are two different things.

We are six months into his pontificate and he still hasn't shown us his cards. That could be a good thing or it could be a disaster. I'm betting on the former as the nuns on the bus have made no progress under his administration. But, we shall see.

All I'm saying is, like the secular media, there is something under the wings of it that is drawing people in - and that is also indisputable.

JB said...

After listening to his latest comments re atheism, I think it's fair to say that we have someone at the helm who is trying his best but maybe is not the best captain the world. But he won't sink the ship.