Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pope Francis is Consecrating the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Tomorrow's the day.

BTW - I just read that the day of Blessed John Paul II canonization is Divine Mercy Sunday. How cool is that!

I've been prepping with a Novena and prayers at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and plan on tuning into his intentions and praying with him tomorrow.

I know consecration is oft a subject spoken about in the com boxes, so I'll repeat my thoughts on it:

If Russia is in the world, it's already been consecrated and will be consecrated again tomorrow.

Mary doesn't worry about the imperfections of our prayers, novenas and acts of consecration. If we miss a Hail Mary on a Rosary, skip a day of a Novena in the madness of our daily lives, she does not reject the request for intercession.

That would be like a mother who refused to give their babies the food they need until they were able to talk and ask for it in accordance with the rules of etiquette.

Our story and fate are enumerated in New Testament. Both the Church and each of us follow the Life of Christ, whose tormentors persecuted and killed Him for sedition, refusing to go along with the culture of immorality, slavery and murder. Nothing was ever going to stop that planned outcome. The consecration was about conversion. There is fruit in Russia. At this point in time, the Russians have a leader who is fighting against the murder of Christians and America has a leader who is funding the operation through the sons of perdition.

Fuggetabout straining the gnat cooler talk on Papal consecrations and join the Pope on your knees tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting article from Louie Verricchio

Francis did not actually Consecrate, but Entrusted the world if one reads the actual words he used and compare them to Consecrations done by Pius XII.

If you haven't heard about Louie yet, the big round mound of sound over at Patheos doesn't like him. That's a big plus in my book